Get snack-happy with four quick recipes

Stuck in the same old snack cycle? These four recipes from ocadolife magazine are a synch to make, and much more exciting than a packet of crisps.

1) These crunchy spicy roasted chickpeas are seriously moreish. Not only a great snack, they’re also fabulous sprinkled over salads and soups. Make a double batch to delay suddenly-disappearing snack sadness.

2) Forget houmous: fennel and white bean dip is where it’s at. Serve this quick, easy and gloriously garlicky dip with veggie crudités, crisps, crostini or anything you like.

3) Rosemary and honey pitta crisps are just the right balance of sweet and salty, with an added fragrant boost from the rosemary. The perfect solution to leftover pitta bread, it’s easy to experiment with different flavours, too (cinnamon and sugar is another a great combo).

4) Sweet, sticky and jewelled with dried fruit and nuts, apricot and pistachio flapjacks are the epitome of afternoon break happiness. Actually, you might want to make a double batch of these, too…

All four recipes make great nibbles for parties and picnics, and leftovers store well in sealed plastic containers. (Spoiler alert: there will be no leftovers.)

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