NOW EXPIRED: Veggies assemble – 500 FREE bundles to grab on your next shop

UPDATE: Sorry, all our veggie bundles have been harvested. Keep your eyes peeled for our next giveaway…

It’s National Vegetarian Week this week: to celebrate, we’re giving away 500 FREE vegetarian food bundles. Each includes seven veggie-friendly products, together worth over £18. Read on to find out more…

Tideford Organic Spinach & Split Pea Soup

Nutmeg is the not-so-secret ingredient that gives this green soup an extra lift. Not only is the soup veggie, but it’s made only from natural, wholesome ingredients too.

Secret Sausages’ Meatless Sausages with Chilli & Coriander

Packed full of flavour into vegan casings, Secret Sausages’ meatless sausages are perfect for throwing on the barbecue.

Quorn’s Meat Free Chorizo & Mozzarella Girasoli

These meat free girasoli are made with fresh egg pasta, and are named for their sunflower-like appearance. They’re delicious on their own, or smothered in your favourite pasta sauce.

VBites Cheatin’s Ham Style Slices

Both meat and dairy-free, these slices are perfect for sandwiches, wraps and other lunchbox staples.

Filled Full Of’s Leek & Wensleydale Flats

These stuffed flat mushrooms are topped with a delicious parsley and cheddar cheese crumble. Great as a main, try serving them with potato wedges and a side salad.

Higgidy’s Little Butternut Squash & Feta Pie

Everyone loves a good pie: Higgidy’s butternut squash and feta cheese pie proves that vegetarian food can be hearty, too.

Easy Bean’s Moroccan Tagine

Slow-cooked to perfection, this aromatic Moroccan tagine in a pot features chickpeas, aubergines, butternut squash and courgettes cooked with apricots and spices.

Here’s how to claim your bundle:

  • Follow this link and add the seven products to your trolley.
  • Place an order worth £40 or more, for delivery between 21st–27th May.
  • Add the voucher code VOU7149641 as you check out.
  • We’ll deduct the cost for the first 500 customers to redeem it.


Josh, Marketing Executive (and Master of Freebies)

6 thoughts on “NOW EXPIRED: Veggies assemble – 500 FREE bundles to grab on your next shop

    • Apologies for the confusion Naomi, sadly once all 500 vouchers had been redeemed it would show that the voucher expired yesterday. We’re sorry you didn’t manage to take advantage of this offer, keep your eyes peeled for our next one.

  1. my Ocado Blog email was ‘sent today(20th) at 10.46’ and states ‘New post’.
    Even now, when the ‘Read more…’ link is opened, it goes straight to the first item, ‘Tideford Organic Spinach & Split Pea Soup’.
    Naturally I began to order from there so have no idea what was above at that time. All seven items went into my basket with no ‘not available’ or ‘expired’ message, not even on the page when two other ordered items were unavailable. I feel very much cheated and my time wasted! Should have been gardening now and ordering this evening!!

    • We’re really sorry for the disappointment caused regarding our giveaway today Kathleen. Sadly all 500 vouchers were redeemed by around 11:45am as it seems this offer proved to be very popular. We understand this must have been frustrating for you as you were advised about the giveaway via our blog email but sadly you did not receive an update to let you know the offer had ended. We will of course get your comments and feedback passed on to the relevant teams in hopes to prevent this from happening again in future. We hope you are able to take full advantage of our next great giveaway. Have a lovely evening.

  2. I have been a customer for long placing order every week but didn’t receive an email about this just discovered it by chance?
    Can I know if I’m on your mailing list for this kind of offers? Or please advise on what do I need to do to be aware of these offers.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Francesca, these offers are just advertised on our Blog, Twitter and Facebook. We don’t have a mailing list for these, they’re just for our lovely fans who follow us on those mediums. You can follow our Blog on the main page and then you’ll get emails of new posts though 🙂 Hope you can catch our next offer.

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