Five sun care facts for Sun Awareness Week (and beyond)

Are you ready for the sun? Our weather might not be playing ball, but we’re prepared all the same! In honour of Sun Awareness Week this week, here are some important facts and handy tips about staying safe in the sun…

1) It’s possible to get sunburn on a cloudy day

It’s true: you don’t have to be lying on a beach in Barbados to get caught out. You can’t see them, but over 80% of the sun’s UV rays can get through cloud, fog and mist.

2) Water won’t shield you from the sun

Swimming in the pool or sea won’t protect you either, as the sun’s rays also penetrate water.

3) Reflected rays are also harmful

Even if you’re under a parasol, most UV rays still bounce off everything around you (sand, water, pavements etc.) – so don’t forget to apply sun lotion wherever you are.

4) Some makeup comes with built-in sunscreen

Lots of facial moisturisers, BB creams and lip balms include high SPF protection. These can be ideal if you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts. For example, Balance Me BB Natural Perfection Cream is designed for all skin types and has SPF 25.

5) The SPF number only measures UVB protection

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) numbers only refer to the amount of UVB rays blocked: using a broad-spectrum sun lotion will ensure you’re protected against both UVA and UVB rays.

Whether you’re going on holiday or having a ‘staycation’ this year, make sure you look after your skin. Have a browse of our Sun Care range and find the products that suit you best.

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