Family baking: oat-of-this-world flapjacks

Satisfyingly wicked and really easy to make, everyone needs a good flapjack recipe in their baking arsenal. You can’t go wrong with the simple combination of butter, sugar, golden syrup and oats to make this treat – but there are also lots of ways to up your flapjack game.

Flapjacks are perfect for getting the kids involved in the kitchen: they’ll love mixing all the sticky, sweet ingredients together and pressing the mixture into the pan. All you need to do is supervise any part of the recipe that involves the hob or oven (but your child will know they did the most important parts!)

Here are some recipes to get you inspired:

This recipe for Berry and Cherry Flapjacks with Roasted Hazelnuts features extra texture and flavour. The dried berries bring a slight tartness to balance out the sweetness, while the hazelnuts add a wonderful crunch and nutty flavour.

Love all things gingerbread? Make these comforting Gingerbread Flapjacks. Made extra-chewy with grated apple, these flapjacks will fill your house with the inviting smell of sugar and spice.

These Sweet Freedom Flapjacks are ideal for those looking for natural alternatives to sugar. They call for Sweet Freedom syrup (completely made from fruit) instead of caster sugar and golden syrup.

Still naughty but a little nicer, this recipe for Healthier Flapjacks uses the natural sweetness from dates and agave nectar to sweeten them, while low-fat spread instead of butter reduces the fat content a little. The addition of raisins and mixed seeds also give these flapjacks an extra flavour and nutrition boost.

Remember, once you have the base combination of butter, sugar, syrup and oats, you can get creative by adding your own favourite flavours and ingredients. The only question is this: which one will you try first?

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