Turning over new leaves

This season is all about the lush and the leafy, and with veg this fresh we like to keep it simple, adding just a few ingredients to let their flavours shine through. Here are our top picks for in-season greens. (And purples!)

Ocado Savoy Cabbage – 80p

Chop into four or six wedges and fry on each side in a little butter, crushed garlic and sage until golden. Then nestle in a casserole dish with 450ml chicken stock and bake in a medium-high oven for 15 mins, until almost tender.

Natoora Radicchio Trevisano Tardivo – £3.50

A favourite ingredient in Italy, radicchio reveals smoky flavours when grilled. Cut in half lengthways, brush with olive oil, salt and pepper and grill for 3 mins each side. Alternatively, it can be chopped up and used as a powerful base for a risotto.

Ocado Organic Cauliflower – £2

Combine 4tsp tandoori spice mix, 1tbsp almond oil and 6tbsp almond butter. Cut a cauliflower head into florets and coat with the mixture. Place on a lined baking tray, season and roast in a medium oven for 30 mins.

Natoora British Purple Kale – £1.99

When it’s young and fresh, you can’t go far wrong eating your kale raw, whatever the variety. Just finely chop and dress with a mix of minced shallots, olive oil, honey, salt, pepper and toasted pecans. When using purple kale, orange zest and roasted squash look and taste delicious tossed in with it too.

Watts Farms Bunched Salad Onions – 74p

Vibrant and versatile, chop and whip them up with a couple of eggs plus crumbled goat’s cheese, and pour into a pan to make an omelette. Add them, sliced and softened in butter, to fluffy mash to make Irish champ. Or, finely chop and stir into cream cheese for a quick sandwich filling.

Watts Farms Chard – £1.69

Similar to spinach, but with an earthier flavour. Steam the leaves, but cut the tougher stalks away first, then add crushed garlic, a splash of soy sauce and sesame oil and a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds to go with honey-glazed pork or chicken.

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