NEW: A Taste of Wales at Ocado

To celebrate the launch of our dedicated Taste of Wales shop on St David’s Day, Welsh blogger Ruth Walters from Let Her Eat Clean reveals some of her favourite foodie picks and a few traditional recipes.

There really is no place taste like home, is there? Food very quickly becomes part of our heritage. It’s about comfort and making memories; so welcome to all the tastes of my childhood and beyond. Come in and take a look around the wonderful Welsh Shop from Ocado that launches in celebration of St David’s Day. Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant hapus!

Welsh Rarebit
There’s nothing ‘rare’ about a Welsh rarebit – you’ll find it served almost everywhere; it’s a dish as well travelled as haggis and soda bread. Take a look at this recipe that’s worth trying. Ultimately you can’t go wrong with cheese, Worcestershire sauce, mustard and ale atop a hefty slice of toasted bread. For me it’s the cheese that makes this dish. You almost want it strong enough to make your eyes water, like Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar.

Comfort from Cawl
‘Cawl’ is the type of word that could pop up in a cryptic crossword clue: easy for those raised on this hearty lamb-based broth to solve, but not quite as well known beyond the Welsh borders. Ceri (@CeriKitchen on Twitter) from Natural Kitchen Adventures has shared her brilliant take on this national favourite.

Sweet treats
In Wales we care as much about what’s ending up in our porridge as we do about our bees. Hilltop Honey is a local producer from Caersws in mid Wales that brings together a community of beekeepers to make the finest raw honey. Hilltop is committed to producing honey that is coarsely filtered and not heated, providing you with maximum taste and health benefits. The cinnamon infused honey is perfect for porridge and the raw creamed a dream on toast.

A little bit more gourmet
Halen Mon is now gracing the foodie kitchens of Wales and beyond. This North Wales enterprise (that began in 1997 with a pot of sea water boiling on the AGA) has diversified from producing pure Anglesey sea salt to all manner of gourmet treats, including this incredible smoked water that’s even being used by Heston at The Fat Duck. Mine went straight into a leek risotto and added a wonderful depth of flavour.

So go on, give the tastes of Wales a go. What will you try first?


You can follow Ruth for training inspiration and nutrition tips on her blog; on Twitter @ruthwalters, on Instagram @ruthwalters83 and at

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