Ice, Ice, Baby: Britain’s Next Top Supplier

As the days get longer and the sun teases us with the promise of warmer days, what better way to celebrate than with ice cream? Here are three cool brands that became listed on last year in our third instalment of Britain’s Next Top Supplier: Class of 2014.

Black Vanilla

A family-owned business, Black Vanilla was created when Susan Stretch took her daughters out for ice cream and discovered all of the artificial additives used. Susan decided to create Black Vanilla, using only fresh fruit and natural ingredients to create the most wholesome, delicious gelato possible.


I’ve fallen in love with this ice cream already. I’m buying more from now on.



Packed full of natural ingredients and with fewer calories per serving than an apple, Oppo have managed to make ice cream both delicious and healthy. Sugar is replaced with zero-calorie stevia leaf, cream is replaced with virgin coconut oil and each flavour is given a nutritional flavour boost with exotic ingredients like baobab, spirulina and lucuma. Oppo’s ice cream removes the guilt factor while remaining indulgent.


Doesn’t taste remotely healthy ­– it has lots of lovely vanilla beans in there and plenty of flavour and good texture. I am addicted. I like all the flavours but vanilla is my favourite.



Lushice’s sorbets give a little more kick to your ordinary sorbet: inspired by classic cocktails, these sorbets come in mojito, piña colada, margarita and daiquiri flavours. Alongside their naughty twist, these sorbets are also dairy-free and low in calories. Go on, treat yourself!


Bought the piña colada and margarita flavours as a bit of fun for a dinner party pudding – both surpassed expectations as they really do taste like great quality cocktails. Will be trying the mojito next.


These are just three of the brands that went on to become listed on The brands all agree that a national listing has changed their business – and it could change yours too.

Do you know a brand that deserves the title of Britain’s Next Top Supplier 2015? Make sure they enter here by Sunday 15th March.

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