Pancake Day with a little ooh la la

In honour of Pancake Day we’re taking a look at the grandmother of all pancakes: the crêpe.

A bit about batter: A crêpe-by-crêpe guide to le pancake

  • The word is of French origin, deriving from the Latin crispa, meaning ‘curled’.
  • The French have already had their Pancake Day this year as they celebrate on 2nd February for La Chandeleur: 40 days after Christmas.
  • Others believe crêpes, with their round and golden shape, are a reminder of the sun, thus symbolising the return of spring after a cold and dark winter.
  • In Brittany, crêpes are called ‘Krampouezh’ and a crêpe lover is called ‘Krampoueshour’.

And to top it all off…

Why not top your pancakes and crêpes with something a little different this year.

This Corsican clementine jam is cooked in a copper bowl with just enough cane sugar – full of flavor with a scent of myrtle and citrus fruits.

According to 19th century legend, the discovery of this thick Caramel Sauce from Normandy is attributed to a distracted chef in the Napoleon army. We don’t know if that’s true but we do know it’s delicious!

Made exclusively of unpasteurized goat’s milk, this authentic cheese is paste soft and creamy and is perfect for sensationally savoury crêpes.


Savoury pancakes at

Have a lovely Pancake Day,


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