Marathon training: get serious about snacking
Looking for hints and tips for what to eat and how to train for a marathon? In her fifth guest blog, Let Her Eat Clean’s Ruth Walters spills the beans on super snack foods.

Ruth Walters

As training progresses, and I start to notch up more and more miles, my appetite seriously grows. By three in the afternoon it’s as good as guaranteed that I’m starving and in desperate need of a top up.

When it comes to marathon running, there’s a fine line between satisfying your hunger and making snacking choices that will fuel you through your next training session and help you stay in peak marathon runner shape. So forget the junk food, and try one of these desk drawer fillers – Ocado has a brilliant selection.

My firm favourites are…

– The Pulsin’ Raw Chocolate Brownie.

Bounce Balls, my oh my the peanut butter flavour!

Rude Health’s ‘The Pumpkin’ – there’s nothing spooky here: no trick, 100% treat.

– The Chia Co’s Chia Pods are a substantial filler (and more than bridge the gap until dinner time). The mango and coconut milk combination is a truly tropical treat. If you close your eyes for just a second, you can pretend you’re in the Caribbean and not destined to spend your evening pounding the pavement wrapped in umpteen layers!

– For more of a savoury fix, and a great protein and monounsaturated fat combination, olives with feta are another quick and easy option to have at hand.

– For a sweet and savoury combination, try a sliced juicy Pink Lady covered with a nut or seed butter like this pumpkin seed butter from Biona.

– Simple staples like mini oatcakes with houmous, or hard boiled eggs with a spoonful of proper French mayo will also certainly see you through until supper.

Keep yourself topped up throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than attempting to attack a training session when you’re hungry, or feeling like a bottomless pit come dinner time and heading to bed with indigestion.

What’s your snack stash made up of?

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