Marathon training: it begins with breakfast

Hello marathon runners!

Hope your training is going well. It’s hard getting back into the routine in January isn’t it? And the cold weather certainly isn’t helping!

I’ve always found that during my training, breakfast has been the most important meal of the day. That’s why today’s post is all about brekkie!

Breakfast will set the pace for the whole day ahead. It should correct the low levels of blood sugar that follow a night of sleep.  Protein at breakfast will keep you fuller for longer and prevent blood sugar crashes that can leave you tired and irritable – especially when you’re already a bit worn out from all the training. Alongside the protein I’d add some whole grains and good sources of fat and there’s room at every mealtime for greens.

My top three breakfast favourites:

  1. Top class toast

This is a lovely loaf from Schneider Brot that’s great for seriously delicious toppings. I love it because it’s the perfect size to pop in the toaster (so many sliced loaves are too big these days!) and fits comfortably into my bag if I’m having breakfast in the office. When it comes to butter, go for the real stuff, your body will welcome the calories and good fats during training.

Nothing beats the old classic of smoked salmon and scrambled egg and a handful of rocket.i

If don’t have time to cook eggs, sliced avocado and tomato topped with crumbed feta is a delicious alternative!

And for more of a sweet treat there’s nothing quite like crunchy peanut butter with mashed banana and a dusting of cinnamon.

  1. Pimped up porridge

The definition of a perfect porridge has the potential to divide nations. Some like it sloppy, others like it gloopy, but however you like yours, it’s always a satisfying dose of comfort in a bowl. Traditionally porridge is made from jumbo rolled oats and a creamy whole milk but for extra taste and nutrients add some grated, not-yet-ripe pear a sachet of chia seeds, a little handful of seriously juicy sultanas, and a dash of nutmeg.

For a grain and dairy-free alternative these quinoa flakes made with coconut milk are a serious treat.

  1. Fast and fruity

This deliciously creamy Greek yoghurt is a superb go-to on-the-go brekkie. Perfectly portioned in an individual pot I always add some berries, nuts and seeds, or when I fancy extra sweetness I go for a glug of high-grade maple syrup. For a dairy-free alternative CoYo also makes a fantastic base.

 So, what’s your favourite way to start the day? Share your tips below or on Ocado’s social media.

Speak soon


You can follow Ruth for training inspiration and nutrition tips on her blog; on Twitter @ruthwalters, on Instagram @ruthwalters83 and at

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