Guest post: Italian clementines from Natoora

image of clementines

December is for clementines: it’s when they are in season and at their best, making the most welcome appearance on Christmas tables, or as a gift inside hampers and stockings. Once considered a special and exotic Christmas treat, they are now easily available… but not all clementines are created equal! Their quality depends hugely on where and how they are grown.

Our beautiful Italian leafy clementines come from two areas in the South of Italy. At the beginning of the season we source them from Puglia, namely from the town of Palagiano, where the best early varieties are grown. The area is known for its particularly fertile soil and mild dry climate – both ideal conditions for growing citrus. Because of their outstanding qualities, clementines from Palagiano are certified with the IGT label.

Clementines image

We then move to the southern Calabrian coast – a fertile plane protected by mountains with mild temperatures throughout autumn and winter. This is an exceptional region where citrus fruits have been grown for over a century, recently gaining IGT status. In the mild climate of the area, clementines do not grow too large, allowing the small fruits to slowly develop their full flavour. They are then picked only when perfectly ripe, and undergo strict controls to make sure they match the highest standards – sugar and juice content, perfect colouration, and no trace of seeds in the pulp.

Our clementines have a wonderful perfumed sweetness and perfect juiciness. They come unwaxed and with the leaf – a clear sign of freshness – making the perfect seasonal gift.

Clementines in a pudding

You can of course simply enjoy them as they are, but their juicy segments can also be added to festive seasonal salads (great with bitter leaves, walnuts and pomegranate), or caramelised and used to top puddings, cakes, pancakes and other sweet treats, as well in savoury preparations like roasted chicken. Being unwaxed, they are also perfect for making marmalade.

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Valeria at Natoora

3 thoughts on “Guest post: Italian clementines from Natoora

  1. Hi Thomas, there is some evidence of limes being grown in Puglia, although mostly for home consumption. It is generally not a commercially grown crop in that part of the world. Limes are grown more abundantly in Sicily, though, which is a great citrus-growing region all around (particularly for oranges). Hope this answer your question. Thanks!

    • I will be moving to Puglia soon. Whenever I’ve been there, I have never seen limes. I hope to plant a lime tree when I get there. A gin & tonic just isn’t the same with lemon! Thanks for your reply.

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