Donate food with Ocado and we’ll match it – find out how

I’m really pleased to announce the launch of our Donate food with Ocado scheme. We know that being able to donate to food banks as you shop is important to you, because you’ve told us so. So here’s how we’re doing it.

With a traditional supermarket, the usual way would be to add an extra item to your trolley, then leave it for collection once you’ve done your shop. But because we’re online and operate from state-of-the-art warehouses, we’re able to do things a little differently.

You donate a sum of money – £2.50, £5 or £10 – and then we match that amount with groceries. So if you donate £5, the food bank will receive £10 of groceries.

Also, we’re able to work with our food bank partners to give them exactly what they need – for example fresh milk and produce – which can’t be done through the usual model. Instead, they provide us with a shopping list, and we make sure they get exactly what’s wanted rather than tonnes of tinned beans.

Because we believe that everyone should be able to eat well, we think it’s important those living in food poverty should have access to a variety of fresh, healthy foods. We’ve seen the difference such donations can make having worked with a small food bank for the last six years.

If you’d like to find out more about how it all works and how we’ll be reporting the donations received, head to our FAQs.

And if you’d like to donate now, just head to Once you’ve donated, you’ll notice that it pops up in your ‘did you forget?’ list when you check out in future.

Suzanne, Head of Corporate Responsibility

20 thoughts on “Donate food with Ocado and we’ll match it – find out how

  1. Please let us know how you select food banks to donate to and which ones you are donating to? Also, could you make it a bit easier to leave a comment on your blog? 6 goes at creating an acceptable WordPress password!

    • Thanks for your question! We’ve got a long standing partner in Southend Vineyard who we’re trialing this new process with initially. (We’ve been working with other food banks for quite a while in a slightly different way.)

      Once we’ve made sure this new process works perfectly, we’ll rapidly roll it out across a network of similar or partner food banks. If you have more questions or want to register your interest for a Food Bank you know, please have a read of this, and get in touch by email using the address listed:

  2. Does ocado profit from my donation I.e. If I make a £5 donation does ocado donate £5 worth of goods at cost price or retail price. And likewise does it match the donation at an equivalent cost or retail price.?

  3. Really interested to know whether or not you are working with the Trussell Trust on this too, as clearly (and I’m certain your realise this), they are the largest group working within the UK… It would seem that if you were going to trial a service like this, they would certainly be the best place to begin. I know they work with other supermarkets, but I hope this does not preclude Ocado from being part of their structure – it seems to make sense to get food directly to the biggest organisation on the ground, rather than reinventing the wheel…

    • Actually, I’d go so far as to say that for me to donate regularly, I really would have to be convinced that the structure was working in the best and most efficient way, and that really would mean working with the Trussell Trust, for me anyway. I think it’s a fantastic idea, but if it’s to be meaningful and not a PR gimmick, it really does need to be structured in the right way.

      • Hello, thanks for your query and sorry it’s taken me a while to respond. We don’t currently work with the Trussell Trust because they can’t accept fresh produce donations at the moment, they only accept dry goods. One of the unique ways we can work with Food Banks is to donate fresh products, working against a pre-defined shopping list. Hope this answers your question, and sorry if this means you don’t feel you can donate through us.

  4. This is a great idea and I look forward to seeing it develop. I think it’s safe to say no one wants foodbanks to have to exist, but sadly they do.

    For obvious reasons, I’m particularly interested in helping out my local foodbank (which is linked to the Trussel Trust), so it will be great to see this rolled out more widely once you’ve worked out how the process is working, and therefore be able to direct my donations towards people in my local community.

    • Thanks for your feedback Andrew. The Trussell Trust isn’t one of our partners currently; this is because they only accept donations of ambient product. We’re able to donate fresh produce to our partners, and as we think we’re the only supermarket who is able to do this consistently, against a shopping list of preferred products, we’re focusing on helping in this way. That’s not to say we’d rule out working with them in the future though if things change.

  5. I dont see any mention of the food bank donations being eligible for Gift Aid. Is there a reason why this cant be arranged.

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  7. I think this is a great idea in theory but would like to know which foodbanks you are working with across the country at the moment, and/or how can my local foodbanks apply to be part of your shceme? Is there any reason why you can’t make this information more transparent?

    • Hello there, thank you ever so much for your feedback regarding this scheme. Please be aware that this is still very much in its youth, and is certainly set to grow. For more information on which foodbanks we’re working with, please visit our website using the following url; Additional to this, of course We would love for your local foodbanks to apply to the scheme. To do so please email where our team will do all they can to help. We hope this is helpful.

    • Hi Alexandra, Gift Aid won’t increase the amount you donate, however we’ll match however much you choose to donate. For every pound you donate, we donate at least two pounds’ worth of groceries.

    • Hi K, we’ll contact our Corporate team to find out for you, we’ll get back to you once we have an answer. -Taylor

    • Hello there. We have had a reply from our team regarding where we donate our food to in the Greater Manchester area. They have advised that in Manchester, we donate to the Real Junk Food Project. -Megan

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