An ‘easy does it’ celebration: roast beef

There are no rules about what you can and can’t have for Christmas dinner, as long as it’s hearty and absolutely delicious. So in our second blog, we’re taking on beef.

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Why be different? Choosing beef shouldn’t feel like a departure from tradition – after all, there’s nothing more British than roast beef. Other benefits are that it cooks more quickly than turkey, takes up less space in your oven, is easier to carve, and you’re not left with a messy carcass at the end – if you even have any leftovers. Plus, the rose-pink, tender meat will still go with all your usual sides.

Wine match – best with beef

Try wines from Argentina, Australia and Saint-Emilion; they’re great at producing the big, bold reds that go so well with roast beef:
1. Alamos Catena Malbec 75cl £9.99
2. The Boundaries McLaren Vale Shiraz 75cl £12.99
3. Calvet La Croix Saint-Roch Montagne Saint-Emilion 75cl £14.99

And other meats…

  1. Lamb could become a new instant classic. Try Ocado British Rack of Lamb Typical weight 550g £10.99 (£19.99 per kg).
  2. Or go for a loin of pork – think of the crackling! Packington Loin of Pork Roasting Joint 2.2kg £23.95 (£10.89 per kg) 

It’s all gravy

Transform everyday dishes with simple additions; the glossy gravy recipe below is great for beef or lamb (alternatively, ready-made gravy means one less thing to worry about).

Roasted garlic and anchovy gravy

  1.  Roast a bulb of garlic with your meat. When the meat is done, remove it from the tray and pour the juices into a jug. Spoon out the fat as it cools.
  2. Put 1 tbsp back into the tray over a medium heat and mix in 2 tbsp plain flour. Stir in the juices and squeeze the soft garlic into the mixture. Add
    5 anchovy fillets and 1tbsp honey. Slowly add 400ml beef stock, stirring until thick.
  3. Use a hand blender to smooth it out, then season.

From Ocadolife – read the latest issue online

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