Rediscover these foods from your childhood

Remember when...

Seven-year-old me is doing an excited dance. Retro foods are making a comeback, as shown by a massive surge in sales for classic treats of the Seventies and Eighties, and I’m loving all the nostalgia.

It’s time to sit up straight, elbows off the table, and rediscover the food of your childhood.

1. Angel Delight

Sales of this pudding-in-a-sachet are up 43% on the year to date. Fluffy, sweet, and properly affordable, reach for the milk and get whisking.

Image of Angel Delight

2. Chicken Kiev

Served with lumpy mash and slightly overcooked greens, this seemed super sophisticated when I was little. Well, with a garlicky, buttery middle it’s delicious still, and accordingly, sales are up 10% on last year.

You can get fancy and make your own with one of our recipes.

Image of Chicken Kiev

3. Sodastream

It’s back, and this time it’s stylish. Our Ellie remembers taking the family’s orange-and-grey Drinksmaker off to uni, but nowadays they’re a much sleeker affair. Check out the new streamlined designs in black, white or stainless steel. (Don’t worry, they’re still just as much fun.)

Image of Soda Stream

4. Scampi and Prawn Cocktail

Sales are up 61% and 63% respectively on last year for these pinnacles of Seventies fine dining, and I still have a soft spot for both.

Frozen scampi with peas, oven chips and salad cream is a guilty pleasure I’ll never be too old for. Meanwhile, Heston’s Prawn Cocktail will be daintily served up in lettuce cups or avocado halves come Christmas – I just need someone to bring the sherry.

Image of Heston Prawn Cocktail

5. Birds Eye Arctic Roll

Always in the freezer for high days and holidays, there was nothing I didn’t love about sponge, ice cream and jam combined. Happy times!

Sales are up 74% on last year, so I know I’m not the only one.

Image of Arctic Roll

6. Twiglets

You can’t have a party without these Marmite-y snacks; I simply refuse to allow it. Stock up for Christmas and be ten again.

Image of TwigletsNaomi, PR and Social Media Executive


2 thoughts on “Rediscover these foods from your childhood

  1. I so remember these foods, not when I was growing up but when I was bringing up my family. I still yearn for many of the goodies! I love Twiglets so they must be on my Christmas shopping list!!!

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