Wine of the Week: Sunday Roast Special

Finding the right wine for a traditional Sunday roast is the question I am often asked. I thought that as we’re having a roasting joints AND wine sale it was the perfect opportunity to go through some wine options for all the different joints of meat you might be roasting next Sunday.

Everyone associates beef with red wine and chicken with white wine – which is fine as a general rule but if you only drink red, or just prefer white with food, there are solutions. I’ve chosen three wines that are fantastic matches for roast beef.

Animo Shiraz

This big-flavoured Australian shiraz is a great match – especially if you embellish with deliciously rich gravy or spicy horseradish.

Bioletti’s Block Malbec

Malbec and beef go really well together. The deep colour, bitter fruit and ripe spice undertones perfectly complement a traditional roast beef Sunday lunch.

Mystery Hill Padthway Chardonnay

There is nothing wrong with pairing red meat and white wine and if that’s what you prefer, and this chardonnay is a great choice. It has enough warmth and depth to match beef’s full flavours, and goes well with chicken and gammon too.

I love a roast pork fillet with lashings of apple sauce, washed down with a decent glass of wine. Again with roast pork, both red and white wine are perfectly acceptable – it’s all a matter of taste and personal choice.

Mine Bay New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Pork is very versatile and goes well with red, white and rosé. Our Mine Bay Sauvignon is a good match for a roast pork dinner with all the trimmings.

Undurraga Aliwen Cabernet-Carmenere

This excellent Chilean red wine is great value and, if you fancy a red with your pork, it’s a lovely option.

Oh, I really enjoy a roast chicken on a Sunday afternoon. There’s nothing better than having all the family in the same place, football on TV and the kitchen full of the smell of a roasting chicken (or two)! Luckily, when it comes to choosing a wine, chicken is very versatile.

Mine Bay New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

This could be called the roast chicken of wines: dependable, versatile and very tasty.

Bioletti’s Pinot Noir

Nice and light with low tannins, this tasty pinot won’t overwhelm the chicken and will work well with the trimmings.

Lamb shanks are another favourite and I think they work best when accompanied by a delicious glass of red. Lamb shanks are normally full-flavoured and require the some in their wine.

Vista Allegre Reserva Rioja

Rioja is regarded as a great match and a pleasant mature reserva the best.  Light vanilla, hints of tobacco oak and soft blackberry fruits set off the lamb in perfect harmony.

Undurraga Aliwen Cabernet-Carmenere

For a more modern style drier style try this excellent Chilean great value red. Cabernet is another great lamb partner and Carmenere, until recently thought to be merlot, gives the wine a little more softness and balance.

Gammon can be a little tricky to pair wine with. However, one of the general rules of wine matching is that rosé wine goes well with any pink food and it certainly complements gammon.

Arthur Metz Rose Alsace Pinot Gris

The wonderful pinot gris from Alsace combines light peach aromas with a hint of honey. It’s an off-dry wine so counters the salty flavours in the meat perfectly.

I think wine works really well with duck. Because it’s quite fatty, you need a wine with more body and soft acidity.

Bioletti’s Block Pinot Noir

From North America and exclusive to Ocado, the bright cherries and light plums really bring out the best in roasted duck: a great combination.

Calvet Costieres de Nimes Red

This Southern French red works well with any fuller-flavoured duck recipe as it cuts through the fat and balances the sweeter flavours of the meat.

So that’s my Wine of the Week Sunday Roast Special. I hope you found it helpful and you find a bottle of wine that matches this week’s roast perfectly. The good news is that they’re all on sale this week so whichever bottle you choose you’ll be getting a bargain and that’s never a bad thing!

Have a great week.



Wine Buyer

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