This week’s Wine of the Week is a great value malbec

 Grape: Malbec

Region: Argentina

Price: Currently £7.49 (usually £9.99)

About the region: The malbec grape was first introduced to Argentina in the mid-19th century and is now considered the national grape. Alamos Malbec is grown in Mendoza, the region in the heart of Argentinian wine production, around the foothills of the Andes.

About the wine: Excellent value and a great example of Argentinian malbec.

Notes: Alamos Malbec has a big powerful flavour and lovely bright cherry and blackberry aromas.

Drink with: This wine is best with food and is sublime with steak (it’s Argentinian after all). It’s also great with rich meat, burgers with relish, and full-flavoured chicken dishes – in fact, I think it goes perfectly with a chicken tikka.

Price: Currently £7.49 (usually £9.99)

So, that’s this week’s Wine of the Week. If you’re looking for a great value and very tasty malbec this is one of my personal favourites and I highly recommend it. I’d love to hear your thoughts too so please remember to post comments here, on Facebook and Twitter, or simply leave a review on the product page.

Cheers, or as they say in Argentina, Salud!


Wine Buyer

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