Kid Approved – see what our kids’ tasting panel loved

As any parent knows, kids can be fussy eaters! So we thought we’d ask the experts for a handy selection of kid-friendly favourites.


We put together a kids’ tasting panel of four to twelve year-olds and asked them to try lots of different foods. Everything that got the thumbs up then went into an aisle for easy shopping.

Image of the tasting panel

Here are their highlights:

Ocado Fruit Spirals

These fruity ice lollies were a hit – one boy said they tasted like rainbows.

Image of the ice lollies

Helen Browning Organic Speedy Sausages

The herbiness of these sausages was very popular. They’re quick to cook, so great for rushed mealtimes, and are an Animal Welfare Gold Award Winner.

Image of the Helen Browning sausages

Ocado Fresh Mashed Potato

Serve the sausages with this mash for a super speedy supper. One mum said they’d converted her ‘mashed potato hater’.

Tideford Organic Tomato and Basil Sauce

This organic, gluten and wheat-free sauce is already award-winning, so it was no surprise the kids loved it too. We served it with…

Laverstoke Park Buffalo Meatballs

Combined with the Tideford sauce, these went down a treat. They’re also gluten-free, with no rusk or artificial colourings or preservatives.

Image of the meatballs

Ocado Tomato & Mascarpone Sauce

We served this tomatoey, creamy sauce with Garofalo Kids’ Organic Anistelle Pasta and they loved it.

Image of the Garofalo pasta

Find all the Kid Approved foods our tasting panel loved at

Wishing you many happy mealtimes,

Naomi, PR and Social Media Executive

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