Feeding time at Twycross Zoo – we’re getting stuck in

I’m very excited to announce that Ocado will now be delivering dinner to the animals of Twycross Zoo! In our latest efforts against food waste (we currently only generate 0.6%) we’ll be delivering unwanted food to the Tywcross zoo keepers every week.

Image of an Ocado delivery at Twycross Zoo

James from Tamworth delivering to Twycross Zoo

The food is produce which is rejected by customers or which has damaged packaging, but still perfectly edible.

Anna Westbury, Team Leader at Twycross Zoo said, “Our animals need hundreds of tonnes of forage, fruit, vegetables and meat per year, and that comes with quite a price tag. The agreement we have with Ocado doesn’t just help keep the animals well fed, it means we can spend the money we save on priority conservation and education projects.”

This amounts to 1,200kg of food every week, so we’re really chuffed we’ve found another good cause to donate unwanted produce to rather than letting it go to waste.

Twycross Zoo is home to around 150 species of animals, from the tiny emperor tamarin twins just born this September, to the enormous, endangered Asian elephants. I’d definitely recommend a visit!

Image of an Ocado driver feeding a turtle

Image of a baby elephant at Twycross

Image of an Ocado driver with a lemurNaomi, PR and Social Media Executive


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