Six ways to get your ghoul on this Halloween

Whether you’re planning a big Hammer Horror fest or just adding few tasteful touches around the home, getting creative at Halloween is always fun (plus the kids love it).

Here are six ideas to get you started:

1. Decorative Indian Corn

These look beautifully autumnal all season. I like them bunched together and hung from the front door, or you can string them up around picture frames or a mantlepiece. Just make sure no one takes a bite – they’re not edible!

Image of Indian Corn

2. Interflora Halloween Bouquet

Eerie black roses make a fantastic centrepiece for a Halloween dinner party, and they’ve given me a few costume ideas too (Bride of Frankenstein maybe?)

Order these for a day or two beforehand to give them time to open fully.

Interflora Halloween flowers at

3. Cadbury Screme Eggs and Crunchy Spiders

I love the way these are wrapped – particularly the spiders – and they’re sure to please the trick-or-treaters. You could dole these out from a hollowed and decorated pumpkin.Cadbury Crunch Spiders at

4. 3 for 2 on Pocket Money Toys

Alternatively, cut out the sugary treats and go for fun little toys instead. Choose from stickers, disguises, games and more.

5. Kids’ costumes that stay the distance

Go for non-Halloween costumes that will do for parties and playtime all year round – the Melissa and Doug outfits are great quality. Use face paint to add a spooky element, like ghost or Jack o’ Lantern faces.

6. P-p-pumpkins

Finally, no Halloween is complete without pumpkins – but it’s good to mix things up a bit. For a really pretty (and pretty spooky) display, I group a few pumpkins of different varieties and sizes.

Try the green Natoora Delica, the mini Munchkin and the classic orange pumpkin in a group – they’ll make a delicious soup the next day too.

Have a fiendishly spooky night…

‘Neck Biting’ Naomi, PR and Social Media Executive

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