Beginner or pro? Take the egg test now

Egg Week is upon us – I know you’ve been counting down the days! Perfectly prepared eggs are the benchmark for any chef hoping to get hired, so pitch yourself against the professionals and put your egg skills to the test.


The say a boiled egg is the simplest thing you can cook – but you can’t tell you’ve got it right until you’ve cracked that shell open. Instead, I reckon the first step is a simple frittata. It can be as messy as you like, and you can actually see and test the eggs as they cook.

Image of frittata recipe from Ocado

Test 1: Cheddar Frittata – Take your time with this recipe and it’s surprisingly easy. All that cheese hides imperfections too.


Next step is a perfectly poached egg. This requires very fresh eggs and spot-on timing, but the technique itself is simple. Once you’ve mastered it, get your friends round for brunch to show off.

Image of poached eggs from Ocado

Test 2: Poached Egg Muffins – Get this recipe down pat, then you can go wild with bacon, smoked fish, and any other accompaniment you can think of.


Hollandaise sauce is delicate and luscious if you get it right (it’s also great on those poached eggs you’re such a dab hand at). Get it wrong though and it’ll split – nasty. Perfect this recipe to reach pro level.

Image of Eggs Benedict from Ocado

Test 3: Eggs Benedict – Combining perfect poached eggs and a perfect Hollandaise sauce, this dish is simple but requires flawless technique.

How did you get on?

Beginner or pro? Tell us where you think you rank in the comments below.

And don’t stop there. These recipes are firm customer favourites and perfect for putting your skills to the test:

Image of Poached Eggs with Hollandaise recipe at Ocado

Bacon Rosti with Poached Eggs and Thyme Hollandaise recipe

Image of Eggs Royale recipe from Ocado

Eggs Royale recipe – essentially Eggs Benedict but with smoked salmon

Have fun cooking,

Naomi, PR and Social Media Executive

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