Can you beat Aurélien to the top spot?

Meet Aurélien, our top Invite a Friend referrer over the last three months. Can you beat him to the top spot next time?

Find out why he’s so successful and what this French gastronome loves to eat.

Image of Aurelien and his fiancée

Aurélien and Charlotte

When did you start shopping with Ocado?

A I’ve been a customer since April

Q Not that long! Why did you start shopping with us?

A Mainly for the French products available

Q Do you have any fun stories from shopping with us?

A My fiancée and I are from different parts of France – she’s from Brittany and I’m from the south. Through Ocado we have discovered each other’s different foods. For example, in Brittany la galette is very famous, and in the south of France, pesto.

Q What’s your tip for recommending new customers?

A My Facebook group is key! Eight years ago I created a group for French people who live in London. I simply talk about French Ocado products and it works – in England you cannot find our specialities, or if you can they will be expensive.

Today, my group is about 25,000 people, and it keeps growing.

Q What three products always find their way into your shopping?

A Lardons fumés; French cheese; rillettes

Image of Invite a Friend ad

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Naomi, PR and Social Media Executive

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