Guest post: Postnatal nutrition by Charlotte Watts

In the last of our blogs by Nutritional Therapist Charlotte Watts, we learn what to eat after the birth of your baby. Read on for advice on the nutrients you need and how to get them into your diet, plus lots of handy time-saving tips for busy new mums and dads.

As always, you can find the foods Charlotte recommends in the special parenting aisles she helped to set up. Congratulations on your new baby, and happy eating!

New Parents image

The nutrients needed for pregnancy are still needed post-birth to help recovery and to provide energy for looking after your new baby, plus breastfeeding should you choose. See the articles on pregnancy and breastfeeding for specific info on nutritional needs, and in particular prioritise plenty of multicoloured vegetables and fruits for healing Vitamin C and bioflavonoids.

Also, zinc and omega-3 oil sources can be combined in eggs, nuts and oily fish like salmon and mackerel as densely nutritional foods; these are also good B vitamin sources for energy.

Easy Does It Omelette

Combine eggs and salmon in this Easy Does It Omelette recipe

Actually finding the time and resources to look after yourselves, as well as your new family addition, is a big consideration. Having some key ideas that combine health, convenience, ease and taste will help you to keep your own wellbeing in view. Your health is as important as that of your baby if you’re going to look after them as fully as you’d like.

Making nutritious meals easy

With a new baby in the house, time and organisation can suddenly seem in short supply. A few shopping items to satisfy and help recharge at meal times can stop you living on snacks and take-aways:

Image of Cheese and Onion Soup

Make a big pot of soup – like this easy and inexpensive Cheese and Onion Soup recipe – and freeze in batches.


Image of Puy Lentil Salad

This Puy Lentil Salad recipe has a simple honey dressing. Add fresh herbs and frozen peas.

Instant energy on-hand

When you might be tempted to turn to sweet cereals, snacks, and to live off treat foods, vitalising foods that satisfy a sweet tooth and sate cravings are good to keep in the house:

Specific post-birth health tips

My final tip is to ask for help and get rest whenever you can; keeping up your own resources is crucial to feeling you can cope.

Enjoy this precious time,


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