Guest post: Natoora’s perfect peaches

Summer is a very exciting time of year, and peaches are one of those fruits that make this season even more enjoyable and rewarding. A proper peach is something truly special – it has that impeccable natural sweetness, is refreshing and utterly delicious.

We went to great lengths to source the best varieties of peaches and nectarines.

White peaches from Natoora

White peaches from Campania

After a two-year quest, all our white peaches now come from a grower based in Campania, southern Italy. The several varieties that he grows are selected for their wonderful flavour, and ripen at different points through the summer to ensure that the white peach season extends over a couple of months. They are allowed to ripen on the tree and picked only a couple of days before their peak to ensure they get to you fully ripened. Each variety is different, yet they all share an incredible perfume, unique berry accents, and flesh either lightly tinged with red or deep purple running throughout, depending on the variety.

Flat peaches from Natoora

Flat peaches from Marche

The search for the best flat peaches was a big challenge, and this is first year that we have sold them. Our flat peaches come from a grower based in Marche, along the Adriatic Sea, who grows a fantastically floral variety of large flat white peach.

Yellow peaches from Natoora

Yellow peaches from Volpedo

Our yellow peaches come from the small town of Volpedo, in Piedmont. They are grown from an old seed variety, renowned for its balanced taste, subtle aromas, intense colour and large size. Similarly to the white peaches, the fruits are ripened on the tree. The results are simply outstanding –­ the fruits are full of delicious sweet/tart juice, have an intense aroma, and a beautiful deep yellow flesh with splashes of pink or red.

Nectarines from Natoora

Nectarines from Campania

Our nectarines are the ‘Big Top’ – the sweetest variety and considered the best for both flavour and texture. They are characterised by small brown sugar spots that form on the cap. Our nectarines come from a grower in Campania, Southern Italy, where the fertile coastal soil and mild climate produces delicious nectarines with a firm, bright yellow flesh full of fragrant juice.

Cooking and storing

Our peaches are best enjoyed within a few days from purchase – they are definitely not of the ‘ripen at home’ kind. Avoid refrigeration if at all possible, as it affects the flavour and natural aromas of the fruit. White and flat peaches are naturally less tart than yellow peaches and nectarines, and therefore go perfectly with delicate flavours, as well as blended into cocktails. They give a unique perfume to cakes and pies.

Peach Cake with Basil recipe at Ocado

Peach Cake with Basil

Yellow peaches and nectarines have a firmer texture, so hold their shape perfectly when grilled or baked. They make for a unique addition to summer salads – for example, they go perfectly with peppery rocket and creamy buffalo mozzarella or burrata.

Grilled Peach, Rocket and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad recipe

Grilled Peach, Rocket and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad


Valeria at Natoora



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