Summer fun for kids – an interview with Sweetpea Pantry

Summer holidays are nearly here! The sun is shining, but the inevitable rainy days won’t be far behind (boo hiss). So we caught up with the Philippa from Sweetpea Pantry who make baking kits for kids – a great way to use up that excess energy indoors.

Image of Sweetpea kids

Philippa, tell us about the two mums behind Sweetpea Pantry.

Tanya and I grew up together in coastal Australia, best friends from the age of five, and have followed each other around the world, travelling and eating our way from Sydney to New York (we are both completely obsessed by good food) and then settling with our families in London.

Q And what inspired you both to start the brand?

A We both love to bake but once kids came on the scene, time was limited and they have such short attention spans it just didn’t work to always start from scratch. We were so frustrated that there were no wholesome products that you could quickly bake with or for your kids that didn’t have sugar as the number one ingredient, and all were full of a long list of unpronounceable nasty additions. In chatting with parents, we realised there was a place for delicious, simple products that kids loved to eat and make (pizza, pancakes, biscuits…) that we could load with wholegrain goodness and super ingredients like chia, flax, quinoa.

Great stuff. We also noticed that some of your products are gluten-free, what was your thinking behind this? 

A We know so many people that have intolerances and there just weren’t many good-tasting – and sugar-free – gluten-free mixes out there. It also isn’t just people with gluten-intolerance that like to eat gluten-free, for many it is a health choice of trying to cut down on wheat, and the gluten-free grains we use are so full of goodness it made it easy to come up with great combinations.

Q Which product do your own children enjoy the most?

A I’m on an no-refined-sugar mission with my little one so it would have to be the Grainy Brainy Pancakes as they have no added sugar or salt, and taste completely more-ish with some mashed banana, ricotta cheese and blueberries mixed through. She eats them at least once a week, if not the fruit version, then a ham and cheese version for dinner on the nights I can’t get up the energy to cook! They go down a treat.

Image of girl making pancakesImage of two kids with baking sheets

We’ve spotted a few reviews on your blog from bloggers who have tried the products. What’s been the most interesting twists to the recipe you’ve seen?

Because the instructions are pretty fool-proof, we haven’t heard of any disasters but we sure see some interesting shapes made out of the Ginger Giggles Biscuit Mix. We’ve seen shoes, lipsticks (well I think that is what they were?), monsters, bears, and one brave person even made a whole gingerbread house complete with trees and birds.

Image of Sweetpea Pantry Brainy Grainy Pancake mixSummer holidays are upon us now. Besides baking with Sweetpea Pantry, what are your top three suggestions for parents to keep children occupied this summer?

  1. Being a bit excited about having so many museums on the doorstep, top of the list would be museum visits. There are so many great kids activities at the Science and Natural History Museums.
  2. For a bit of wholesome home craft activity we love making shaped stamps out of vegetables (potatoes work the best) and going crazy with coloured paints – not on the walls hopefully.
  3. An outdoor adventure – we do theme days, like jungle, where we’ll pack a picnic lunch in that theme (homemade animal shaped biscuits and all) and go and collect treasures, leaves, bark, pinecones etc from the local park to make into artwork based on our theme. Guarantees a good night sleep for all of us, me included!

Thanks Philippa! Check out Sweetpea Pantry at Ocado here: ►

Naomi, PR and Marketing Executive

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