Guest post: Young Games Inventor 2014 competition

Your young inventor could win their height in board games with this fantastic competition for under-16s. All they have to do is come up with a fun family game that The Green Board Games Co can make a reality.

Here’s a link to the entry form: ▶

And here’s what the founder of The Green Board Game Co has to say. 

Thinking caps on kids!

I’ve been inventing children’s games for over 30 years. Whenever I think about it I’m amazed at how far a good idea can take you! Because that’s all it was, really – one good idea, which became a game and then a company.

The Green Board Game Company now has over 150 original products, but for me, it’s still all about the ideas. What motivates me to go to the office each day isn’t profit and loss matrices, or marketing tactics, or warehouse delivery schedules – it’s the thrill of invention. I’ve loved it all my life.

When I’m at dinner parties and people ask what I do, and I tell them I invent children’s games, I do get the odd funny look. Like that’s something I should have grown out of by now. And to be honest, there is something childish about it all. But that’s no bad thing! Children are natural inventors – we see it in the games they play and the stories they tell. They aren’t constrained by what the rest of us think of as reasonable or realistic; the world is full of possibility. As we grow up that sense of wonder and optimism tends to fade away, which is a shame. My professional life is a constant struggle to reclaim the innocence of youth and let that direct me as I invent.

That’s why I’m so excited to launch BrainBox Young Games Inventor 2014. It’s very simple – young people send us their ideas for children’s games, and the best of the bunch is rewarded with their height in BrainBox games and the excitement of having their game brought to life by my team here at BrainBox HQ. It might even be stocked by Ocado! We’ll present the winning inventor with the finished product at the Toy Fair in London in 2015.

It’s a great thing to get involved with, and well worth encouraging your children to take part in. You see, in this case, you’re the mother of invention! We’ve even created the BrainBox Ultimate Guide to Inventing a Game to give your child a head start. You can download it for free here.

The closing date for entries is 21st September. Let’s get inventing!

Yours playfully,

Gary Wyatt


The Green Board Games Co


Young Games Inventor 2014 Terms and Conditions

  1. To enter you must be a UK resident and under 16, with permission from a parent/guardian
  2. Entries can be received from June 26, with the deadline for entries September 21
  3. The winning entry will be chosen by a panel of judges, with the winner announced October 26
  4. The winner of the Judge’s Award will receive: (i) their height in Green Board Game products; (ii) £100 of Ocado vouchers; and (iii) have their entry considered for ranging by Green Board Games and Ocado
  5. The winner of The People’s Choice will receive: (i) a selection of ten Green Board Games products; (ii) £50 Ocado vouchers; and (iii) have their entry considered for ranging by Green Board Games and Ocado
  6. To be eligible for Ocado vouchers or ranging by Ocado, the winner must be located within a postcode range where Ocado currently deliver
  7. By entering, you are entitling Green Board Games to all intellectual property, including (but not limited to) the design, ideas, copyright and images submitted on this form
  8. All ideas are subject to development and change by Green Board Games, in the event that it is developed into a ranged product
  9. By entering, you are authorise Green Board Games to use some or all information on this form for marketing/social media/PR purposes
  10. By entering ‘The People’s Choice’ category, you are authorising Green Board Games to publish the child’s name, image and game details online for public voting (if shortlisted)
  11. By entering, you agree to receive promotional emails from Green Board Games. (We will not share your details with any Third Party)

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