The perfect cheeseboard for your summer dinner party

High summer means late nights and long, lazy meals with your friends. This time of year, food should be simple and above all, quick to prepare. Who wants to waste a minute of sunshine in the kitchen? So here’s my perfect throw-together cheeseboard – enjoy at your own leisurely pace.

Image of a cheese selection

For a good British classic, choose Cornish Quartz. It’s mouthwateringly tangy and has large crystals which give it a satisfying crunch.

It’s also on Save 25% and has fantastic reviews.

Image of Waitrose Davidstow Cornish Quartz

You need a brie, and I’d go with Président. It has a creaminess which makes it very popular, and of course it’s perfect for spreading on crusty bread.

It’s Save 1/3 at the moment too.

Image of President Brie

A mellow Manchego adds something a little different, and is great with sweet chutneys or any tapas that you might have out – nuts, olives, chunks of chorizo etc.

Image of Waitrose Manchego

You’ll need a goat’s cheese, and I strongly recommend Moody’s Rosary Ash. It’s made in England and has a wonderful lemony flavour – not at all ‘goaty’!

Image of Moody's Rosary Ash goat's cheese

On the side, as it’s summer, ramp up the heat. Go with something controversially spicy like Jules & Sharpie Hot Pepper Jelly, or something sweet and fruity like Spicentice Papaya Chutney (also great in place of mango chutney, by the way).

Image of Hot Pepper Jelly

Image of Papaya Chutney

There’s little more prep than arranging the cheeses and getting out the right knives. I’ve had my eye on this Arthur Price My Deli set which features:

  • A two-pronged fork for picking up stray chunks from a shared plate or board.
  • A Parmesan knife, short and stubby, for cutting firm blocks.
  • A narrow-bladed knife for semi-soft and semi-firm cheeses, like brie or Jarlsburg.
  • A wide-bladed knife for soft, crumbly cheeses.

Image of Arthur Price Cheese Knives

And – other than crusty bread and your favourite wine – that’s it. One very good evening all sorted without even turning on the oven.

Have a wonderful summer,

Natalie, Dairy Buyer

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