Want to go Paleo? Joy Skipper on ‘the caveman diet’

The Paleo diet is all about mimicking the eating habits of our palaeolithic ancestors. Think ‘clean eating’ – lots of fish, grass-fed meat, organic produce etc. Basically, the kind of unprocessed foods you’d get from hunting and gathering.

It’s become incredibly popular, and we’ve noticed our customers buying more and more of these types of foods. So we’ve created a special Paleo aisle to make shopping for ingredients easy – no foraging needed.

Joy Skipper is the nutritionist famous for bringing the Paleo diet – followed by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and even Freddie Flintoff – to the Great British public.

To help me understand more about the diet and its health benefits, she’s kindly agreed to fill me in. Read on to find out more.

Image of Joy Skipper

Q. So, Joy, you advise people to follow the Paleo diet – AKA ‘the caveman diet’. What’s it all about?

A. It’s about only eating the food our ancestors ate – fresh, healthy, natural foods. Anything they would have been able to forage for: grass-fed meat, wild fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables.

Q. What do you think makes Paleo different to other diets?

A. It’s a healthy eating regime that can be maintained for life; it’s not a diet that you do for a short period then go back to your bad habits. And after a while, you won’t want to as it’s easy to follow and makes you feel good.

Q. What are the health benefits of the Paleo diet?

A. I think the fact that you’re cutting out a lot of foods that some people may be intolerant of (wheat, dairy and pulses for example) means that the body can function better, so you have more energy, feel less bloated, lose weight and generally feel healthier.

You’re also likely to increase your intake of healthy fats (from oily fish), great protein (meat, fish and eggs), and vitamins, minerals and fibre from fresh fruit and veg. All of this is perfect for a healthy, balanced diet.

Q. You’ve just released your second Paleo book – what new ground does it cover?

A. The first was such a success that we published the second pretty quickly! It’s packed with beautiful pictures and lots more recipes – it’s more of a cookery book.

Q. What inspires your cooking?

A. I love picking up new ingredients, trying out different combinations and flavours. That’s what cooking should be. Getting in the kitchen and playing.

Q. What’s your favourite recipe?

A. Impossible to answer; it changes every week. It depends on the time of year, what’s in season, where I’ve been travelling, who I’m cooking for… But, if you start with simple ingredients and cook them simply, you can’t go wrong.

Image of one of Joy's recipes

Q. Any other tips for newbie Paleo followers?

A. Don’t expect the first few days to be easy. If you’ve been eating a diet rich in coffee, breads, sweets etc, you may feel bad before you feel good. This is just your body readjusting and, once it does, you should feel fantastic.

Q. You’re on Twitter @Enjoynibbling – what’s the funniest question you’ve been tweeted?

A. The other day I was asked “if I toast a slice of bread, will I burn off some of its calories?” Erm..!

Joy will be creating Paleo recipes for fans, so if you have any dishes you’d love to see, leave us your ideas in the comments below. Here’s a quick video to inspire you, shot by Stephen Conroy.


Interested in trying Paleo? Have a browse around our aisle: http://bit.ly/1rQXlsV 

Joe, Marketing Executive

NB we’ve had a couple of questions regarding whether or not to include peas in the diet. Here’s what Joy has to say:

It’s best to think of Paleo as a guide for the overall regime of eating healthily. When you try to make a definitive list of what is and isn’t allowed it gets a bit silly. There are lots of grey areas, such as peas.

Peas are a product of agriculture and do contain a small amount of lectin. If you feel that lectin causes you problems then peas are best avoided. If, however, you can tolerate them, then it’s fine to include them if you wish. I have an 80/20 rule – i.e. remember that being 100% perfect is not always possible.

The idea of eating Paleo is to eat the healthiest way for you. Everyone is different. 

7 thoughts on “Want to go Paleo? Joy Skipper on ‘the caveman diet’

      • Hello Naomi, You may be interested to know the following;
        (1) The majority of people who eat Paleo are ‘Primal’ which means they eat dairy products such as grass fed butter, full fat cream and full fat cheeses. Dairy is normally only excluded if someone is intolerant or finds it is preventing them from reaching their weight loss goal. You may want to look at adding a ‘Primal aisle’ which includes dairy products.
        (2) Legumes such as sweetcorn are generally excluded for most Paleo people.
        (3) Oils & fats aisle – other oils used in Paleo cooking are; lard, goose fat, beef dripping, grass fed butter. You may want to consider adding these.

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