Five new beers you’ll love and how to food-match them

This latest range of craft beers comes from The Beer Kitchen – a microbrewery run by Wadworth Brewery. The brewers behind the range (Brian Yorston, Colin Oake and Andy Weaver) have been experimenting with flavours designed to pair with food – and what makes these five beers so exciting is how well balanced and perfectly considered that range of flavours is.

Image of Head Brewer, Brian Yorston

Image of the brewery

Read on for my tasting notes on each beer, and what I think you should pair them with.

Wheat Beer 5%

Light and refreshing – hints of citrus and coriander with clove spice – this is pale and slightly fizzy. It’s recommended with white fish, a light salad, or an an aperitif.

Pair with Jerk White Fish

Image of Jerk White Fish recipe

IPA 6.2%

This is a traditional style IPA – pale golden, high in alcohol, and brewed with four hop varieties. It’s full-bodied and fruity, so as you’d expect, it stands up very well to spicy or barbecued foods.

Pair with Spicy Prawns

Image of Spicy Prawns

Orange Peel Beer 6%

Righ, golden and full-bodied.Tangy orange and sweet caramel flavours are lifted by the citrus, melon and spice notes. It’s made with US hops, Munich Malt and orange peel – so lots of complex but well-balanced flavours. Enjoy with rich dishes like game.

Pair with Honeyed Duck Breasts with Crispy Noodles

Image of Duck Breasts

Espresso Stout 5.5%

A deep, dark velvet stout brewed with finest quality Kenyan Nyeri coffee beans and muscovado sugar – these give you a rich, bitter coffee hit and a smooth, sweet finish. Perfect with chocolate or toffee puds.

Pair with Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Image of Churros

Whisky Barrel Aged Premium Bitter 5.8%

This is a traditional, strong ale style that’s aged in whisky barrels for 2 months. Rich and dark, there’s lots going on flavour-wise. Smoky vanilla and wood notes, and a distinctly smooth, bitter warmth from the whisky. Great with a cheese board.

Marlena, Beers and Spirits Buyer

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