Guest Post: Natoora on Radiant Raspberry Rhubarb

With its attractive, vibrant red stalks, raspberry rhubarb is nothing short of mesmerizing. It is certainly some of the most awaited late spring produce here at Natoora.

Image of rhubarb

Image of Natoora Rhubarb

Our raspberry rhubarb comes from Yorkshire. The rhubarb has incredibly fresh, firm and flavoursome stalks – sweeter than common rhubarb and with only the smallest hint of tartness, all combined with a pleasant earthy note.

Fine-textured and never fibrous, with a tender yet crunchy bite, raspberry rhubarb can be enjoyed raw, thinly sliced in seasonal salads – such as with asparagus, strawberries and crumbly goat’s cheese – as well as in many other savoury dishes (it goes very well with oily fish such as mackerel, or with rich meats such as duck).

Roasted Raspberry Rhubarb

It is, of course, just as excellent cooked, and it will even retain its vibrant colour. Try it roasted with citrus and vanilla: it makes for a great partner to yoghurt, double cream or ice cream. Or enjoy it braised and layered in creamy puddings like a Cranachan or trifle.

Raspberry Rhubarb Cranachan

Finally, it is also fantastic turned into jam, or simply cut into a cake – just make sure to be extra generous with the sugar if your are using your classic fruit-filled cake recipe.

Rasbperry Rhubarb Cake

Experiment and enjoy!



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