Food allergy? No problem. Your 7 free-from top tips.

As the Ocado ‘free from’ buyer, it’s my job to focus on the specific issues you might have planning meals around allergies or intolerances. Why should they get in the way of eating well? So, with Allergy Awareness Week upon us, I’ve put together my seven top tips for having your cake (or milk, syrup etc) and eating it too.

Image of Artur

1. Perkier Porridge Pots

These tasty little pots are brand new to us. They’re gluten-free and great for busy bees on the go.

Image of Perkier Porridge in Fruity Berry

2. Pudology dairy and gluten-free desserts

Vegans love these, especially the Banoffee, so I strongly recommend you check them out. One reviewer on our website, glutenfreeb, said ‘I bought them because I am coeliac and wanted a nice gluten-free pudding, but these are also dairy-free – you’d never know!’

3. For essentials and freezer favourites, I’d point you in the direction of Amy’s Kitchen. Many of their vegetarian soups and meals are suitable for coeliacs.

4. Devotees of Aussie Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar diet buy up Biona Organic Rice Syrup like it’s going out of fashion! It has the consistency of honey, tastes like golden syrup, and contains little fructose. So it’s also good if you suffer from fructose malabsorption. I should state though that it’s not suitable for diabetics.

5. For coeliacs, here are four good flour alternatives:

Tiana Coconut Flour – organic, fair trade, raw, and high in fibre with a third of the carbs of regular flour.

Sukrin Raw Almond Flour – fat-reduced and low GI and carbohydrate, but high in protein.

Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Baking Flour – we brought this in due to customer demand and it has proved extremely popular.

Image of Bob's Red Mill All Purpose Flour at Ocado

6. Vivesoy is perfect if you can’t drink milk. It comes in lots of flavours, and is also £1 off for Allergy Awareness Week.

If you can’t drink dairy or soy, Rude Health Almond Milk is delicious and again, very popular.

Image of Rude Health Almond Milk

7. Finally, I really have to mention coconut oil. This little wonder is not just for allergy sufferers, but it’s a very good alternative to dairy. It’s high smoke point makes it perfect for cooking and baking.

Try Tiana coconut oil and butter – it’s organic, fair trade, raw, and extra virgin.

And coming soon, Tiana Raw Organic Coconut. Keep an eye out…

Artur, Free From Buyer

3 thoughts on “Food allergy? No problem. Your 7 free-from top tips.

  1. My grandson suffers from milk, egg and nut allergy. We try our best to give him roughly the same kind of foods the sisters can eat. I am unable to understand why free foods are at top end in price.

  2. I know how hard it is to have an allergy. But as the day passed by, I take it as a challenge and not a problem for I know that there is a right solution for it. I just need to have that discipline to eat what is right and to avoid those that can give me real trouble if I eat it. Thanks to these tips. It helps me a lot.

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