Wine with Julian – Picpoul de Pinet

Introducing our new wine buyer, Julian. In his first blog post, he tells us all about your new favourite wine (trust us) – why you’ll love it and what to pair with it.

Image of Julian – Wine Buyer at Ocado

Spring has arrived and it will be a sunny Easter (I promise) so time for barbecues, picnics and Alfresco dining.

Today I have a perfect picnic white wine offer for you. Calvet’s Picpoul De Pinet 2012 normally £11.99 now only £5.99 (Half Price) while stocks last.


We ran this offer earlier in the year and it proved very popular, so to help make way for the 2013 vintage (coming soon) we thought this was an ideal time to repeat the deal. But hurry as stocks are limited!

So – what is it?

Picpoul is a grape variety which, in French, translates as “Lip Stinger”

The grape’s spiritual home is the Languedoc in the South Of France, and is currently trending in the Paris, New York and London.

As the translation implies, it is a bright, crisp, fresh dry white with lovely tangy aromas and flavours. It could be described as a Pinot Grigio with attitude – just a little bit more going on.

Pinet is the village at the heart of the region where the best Picpoul is produced, and is designated as an AC: Appellation Controlée  – Picpoul De (of) Pinet.

What does it go with?

Picpoul de Pinet is a perfect partner to shellfish, especially prawnsscallops and cockles or mussels. Try these griddled prawns with hot pepper sauce – perfect if you like something fiery.


It’s lovely with mackerel or tuna, and any plain white fishherrings, and even works really well with full-flavoured soft cheeses and brilliant with goat’s cheese. If you’re planning a barbecue this weekend, why not pair it with these mixed fish kebabs.

Mixed Fish Kebabs

What about drinking it without food?

Crafty hint – for a refreshing glass on its own, just add a large dash of sparkling water to make a delightful spritzer. It will go further and be better (and cheaper) than any ready-made spritzer.

If you prefer, add a cube or 2 of ice. At 13% alc the wine is robust enough to take it, and it’s so refreshing. (This trick is also handy if the wine is not chilled enough or has warmed up out of the fridge.)

So with that, I raise my glass. Cheers,

Julian, Ocado Wine Buyer

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