Britain’s Next Top Supplier entrant: Tom from Annings Cider

Today’s our speed dating event for our Britain’s Next Top Supplier Competition! I’ve been chatting with one of our shortlisted hopefuls, Tom from Annings Cider, to find out why he thinks his product should be in your shopping. Read on…

Image of Tom from Annings Cider

Q *In a Cilla Black Voice* What’s your name and where do you come from?

A My name is Tom Seward and I am from Sidmouth in East Devon, on the Jurassic Coast World Heritage site. 

Q What’s your product?

A A range of English-made fruit ciders, produced down here in Devon using the finest natural ingredients. 

Image of Annings Cider

Q How long have you been doing this?

We started thinking about it in May 2012, and by early July we had our first bottle run.

What made you decide to go pro?

A new challenge and the thought of copious amounts of cider tastings!

Q Tell us an interesting fact about your brand:

It is named after Mary Anning, a palaeontologist from Lyme Regis. Our strap line ‘we make cider by the sea shore’ is based on the tongue twister ‘she sells sea shells on the sea shore’, which she supposedly inspired.

Q Tell us an interesting fact about you:

I am terrible at thinking about interesting things about me, but do have a very good collection of cheese jokes…

Q What’s been your biggest challenge to date?

Trying to establish the demand to produce on a larger scale, so that we can be more price competitive. Plus, of course, coming up with new and exciting flavours.

What brands inspire you?

I like the Chase Vodka and Sipsmith Gin brands, along with Burts Chips from down here in Devon. 

Q Why should you win Britain’s Next #TopSupplier?

I genuinely believe in my products and hope that the judges will too; I love nothing more than seeing people try and enjoy them. This sector is booming and a strong and different #British brand needs to represent the UK on the scene!

Q Give us a top tip or recipe suggestion for how to use your product:

Take our Pear & Mint variety, pour into a pitcher with tonnes of ice, add sliced cucumber, a good measure of gin, mint sprigs, lime wedges, and top with soda for a beautifully refreshing and quintessentially English summer drink. 

Image of Pear & Mint cider

Bring on summer! If you like the sound of Annings Cider and would like to see them stocked, let us know in the comments below.

Naomi Bullivant, PR and Social Media Executive

12 thoughts on “Britain’s Next Top Supplier entrant: Tom from Annings Cider

  1. I love this cider! I always stock up on it when I’m down in Devon (I live in Hertfordshire- it’s a long way to go for cider, but it is worth it!!) It would be great to be able to get hold of it more easily. The Pear and Mint is just perfect on a warm summer’s afternoon (or a rainy February evening!).

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of trying Annings’ range and suggest any cider (or non-cider) drinkers should. Refreshing, crisp tastes throughout! My only issue it’s not readily available…yet??

  3. This is the best Cider I have ever had. Feels so good knowing I am drink a true British brand as well. Bring on the summer!

  4. This british home-grown Cider beats any i’ve tried recently, it would be really handy if i could pick a crate of it up at my local Waitrose on Fulham Broadway!! Assistance needed please…

  5. Great story behind the name there. Sounds like a genuine, fun and importantly a British owned brand. I’ll be finding some for my first summer (or spring) BBQ.

  6. The peach and pear cider is amazing! Absolutely love this! But the only downside is I can’t buy it anywhere, please start stocking it!!

  7. Without a shadow of a doubt, the best cider known to man… absolutely love it but have to go far and wide to get it 😦 PLEASE STOCK IT OCADO!!!

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