Britain’s Next Top Supplier entrant: Mark from Dough It Yourself

The latest hopeful to be profiled for our Britain’s Next Top Supplier competition is Mark from Dough It Yourself.  We caught up to find out what they do and why we would should stock them. Read on…
Image of a Dough It Yourself pizza
Q *In a Cilla Black Voice* What’s your name and where do you come from?
A My name is Mark McGuinness and I come from Dublin, although I live in Manchester.
Q What’s your product?

My product is Dough It Yourself artisan pizza bases and sauces.

 How long have you been doing this?

Just over 18 months full-time.

What made you decide to go pro? 

The inability of the big brands to produce a single good pizza for domestic consumption between them, and the dream of creating something people love.

IMG_1821Q Tell us an interesting fact about your brand:

Peter Andre is a major fan and told me they are “the best pizzas I’ve ever tasted”.

 Tell us an interesting fact about you:

I was a sports reporter on what is called Fleet Street (even thought no newspapers reside on Fleet Street any more) between 1996-2003. I worked for the Daily Star, The Mirror, Daily Mail and have had articles produced in papers as varied as the Sunday Times and the Daily Sport (I have clippings of many of the above still on file).

 What’s been your biggest challenge to date?

Doing five-day consumer shows at the end of a long year (two in three weeks). This task would have beaten Hercules.

What brands inspire you?

Innocent and Higgidy – rustic and quirky yet with brilliant products inside.

 Why should you win Britain’s Next #TopSupplier?

Because I believe I have created the best pizza product on the market. All I now need is top level guidance, volume and exposure.

 Give us a top tip or recipe suggestion for how to use your product:

My own Quattro Stagioni – one quarter caramelised shallots, one quarter wild boar saucisson, one quarter artichoke hearts, and one quarter blobbed with ricotta (cheese to be applied after cooking). To. Die. For.

Sounds pretty good to us! If you think we should be stocking Dough It Yourself, let us know in the comments below.

Naomi Bullivant, PR and Social Media Executive

9 thoughts on “Britain’s Next Top Supplier entrant: Mark from Dough It Yourself

  1. They are amazing, I buy these from my local artisan market, please please please stock them, and their yummy sauces and toppings, as they make the best pizzas and garlic bread.
    From a loyal Ocado customer.

  2. These pizzas are to die for. We tasted them for the first time at a show in Harrogate and have never looked back. The children love them because they are so tasty and they can design their own flavours. We love them as adults because they give us restaurant quality food at home – very important when you have young children. They last well, can be frozen and are just downright delicious!!!

  3. Just came across this after googling to see how these guys are getting on. My husband is a celiac. Normally gluten free anything is always second rate but we can honestly say that their gluten free pizza bases are even better than the likes of Pizza Express with their normal gluten bases. I honestly think that these guys need to be applauded. We’ve even bought them as presents for other celiacs.

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