Britain’s Next Top Supplier entrant: Hannah from Jensen Gin

We’ve been catching up with hopeful entrants in our Britain’s Next Top Supplier competition – our search for the next big thing in the world of small producers. The winner will be stocked at, so give us your feedback in the comments!

Here’s what Hannah had to say…

Q *In a Cilla Black Voice* What’s your name and where do you come from?

A We are Jensen’s Bermondsey Gin, a craft gin made in a railway arch in South East London. On the left is Anne and she’s the Distiller, and my name is Hannah Lanfear and I’m the Brand Ambassador.

anne and hannah

Q What’s your product?

A We have two lovely gins, both of them historical recipes: the Bermondsey Dry is a soft and smooth gin with a wonderfully perfumed botanical recipe; and the second is an Old Tom, a gin style from the late 1700s-mid 1800s. Our recipe is from 1840 and has a complex flavour that mixes amazingly in classic cocktails and, most importantly, with tonic!

Jensen old Tom and tonic

Q How long have you been doing this?

A This year is our tenth anniversary.

Q What made you decide to go pro?

A Over the last decade we have found our gin becoming increasingly popular with London’s finest cocktail bartenders. It’s a really excellent gin, and unique in that these are historical styles of gin. We definitely have a position that could elevate us to being a household name.

Q Tell us an interesting fact about your brand:

A We were founded by a Dane, Christian Jensen, hence our Danish design labels and pared back packaging. He’s a huge ‘gin-o-phile’ (ok we made that word up) and a super knowledge on the subject of London and gin, and he settled in Bermondsey thirteen years ago with a passion to make the best gin in the world. We feel like the plan is coming to fruition!

Jensen London dry ginJensen London old gin

Q Tell us an interesting fact about you:

A I can do the rap from the middle of TLCs ‘Waterfalls’ word perfect. It’s a proud moment for my mum I’m sure.

Q What’s been your biggest challenge to date?

A Opening our own distillery has been a real challenge! It’s a minefield of licensing, and coordinating the building of the gin still and so on has been a year-long task. We are finally at the point where we are ready to distill in our very own distillery, and it is very, very exciting.

What brands inspire you?

A Probably Sipsmith – they have been a key influence on distillers striking out to bring the art of gin distilling, and importantly the making of London dry gin, back home to London. They’ve made a massive success of it, so hearty congratulations to them.

Q Why should you win Britain’s Next #TopSupplier?

A Because our gin is delicious, we are delicious, and though we’re only small now it’s always good to root for the underdog!

Jensen Bermondsey dry gin and Rose Lemonade

Q Give us a top tip/recipe suggestion for how to use your product:

A We’ve just discovered Woodford & Warner sorrel syrup; it’s just delicious. We’ve been mixing it half and half with our Old Tom gin over ice, with a big slice of orange – it’s just heaven.

Like the sound of Jensen Gin? Tell us in the comments below. Now, where’d I leave my cocktail shaker…

Naomi Bullivant, PR and Social Media Executive

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