The East India Company Gold Coin giveaway – our third winner

This week’s winner is Sophia Payne from Hampshire. Congratulations, and thanks again to everyone for taking part.

Image of East India Company gold guinea

Last week’s coin animation was hiding on the Boston Tea Party Black Tea – a little bit of history in your cuppa.

Image of Boston Tea Party Blend Black Tea

The very last giveaway starts today. Start searching now ▶

And here’s Sophia’s email she’s penned for us!

Today I’m feeling hopeful,
That my luck will strike gold.
I’m hunting for a guinea,
Let the mystery unfold.
I start at the chocolate,
Those strawberries tempting me.
I’m distracted, I am hungry,
And I need a cup of tea.
Moving swiftly o’er to biscuits,
Black peppercorn – how odd?
Sea salt and caramel, more my thing,
But still no sign of gold.
Onward bound to condiments,
But then an email comes in.
‘You’ve won!’, says Josh, I check it twice
My head is in a spin.
The timing is so spooky,
This poem here, half done.
And at the page I’ve landed,
When you tell me that I’ve won.
And there it is – that shining coin,
Bouncing round so merrily.
‘I’ll send this anyway’ I think,
Not to win, but to show I’m happy.

Find out how to enter and read full competition Terms and Conditions here


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