Above and beyond

There’s not a week that goes by that we don’t receive lovely feedback from our customers. That’s why I thought we were well overdue an Ocado Hero. Here’s a fab letter we received this week.

ImageDear Ocado,

I wanted to write to thank you at Ocado and in particular Sarah Gardner in your Customer Care team for helping me out with a slightly unusual situation. To cut a long story short, I was planning to ask my girlfriend to marry me on Friday last week. Everything was set, ring ready, champagne on ice etc. My heart sank when on Wednesday, two days before “D-Day”, my girlfriend sent me an email asking if I could be at home for the Ocado delivery on Friday between 5 – 6pm, the exact time I was planning to ask. Whilst Ocado are brilliant, having a delivery man arrive whilst on one knee was not quite the atmosphere I was trying to create! I rang Ocado, to see if it was possible to change the deliver time even by an hour. Bearing in mind I am not the account holder, I was not confident.

Luckily Sarah answered the call! After a discussion with her manager (apologies whose name I do not know), Sarah came back on the line and told me that they would love to help. Sarah then rang my girlfriend and left a message explaining that there was a “routing issue” and that could the delivery come early? To allow for the “inconvenience” that Ocado had caused her (absolutely no inconvenience because it was her pesky boyfriend causing the trouble!) they had included a complimentary bottle of wine to throw my girlfriend completely off the scent!! This was a wonderful gesture because it meant that my girlfriend had absolutely no idea and totally believed the “routing issue!”

The great news is that the Ocado delivery arrived on schedule and half an hour later not only had all the groceries been unpacked but Catriona, completely shocked and stunned not only because I had managed to unpack the groceries, but also because I had asked her to be my wife! In the ensuing “How did it happen” questions, everybody has commented on how wonderful it was of Ocado to play along and I wanted to thank you for that.

In these austere times, business seems to be getting a terrible bashing, yet when companies behave like Ocado have, it warms the soul and I wanted to write and thank you and single out Sarah for taking the “risk” by believing this strange man and allowing me the perfect setting to propose.

Thank you very much and please do pass on our thanks to Sarah Gardner and everyone at Ocado for their help.

Kind regards,


Great work, Sarah. It’s going the extra mile like this that really does make shopping easy and enjoyable for our customers.

And here’s the hero herself:

ImageGot any Ocado Hero stories of your own? Please leave them in the comments below; I’d love to read them!

Jason Gissing


4 thoughts on “Above and beyond

  1. I’ve been meaning to thank Ocado for their wonderful customer service for a long time. My husband and I were recently due to come back from an amazing honeymoon and I was proud of myself for having booked an Ocado delivery for the day after, so we wouldn’t have a bare fridge for long after we returned. Unfortunately, my husband became very ill on the flight back home, and we had to stop for medical attention in between flights, meaning we missed our flight home. With everything going on, I completely forgot getting in contact with Ocado. When the delivery lady rang (I am sorry to say I don’t remember any names!) she was completely trusting and understanding, which really helped at a time when I was tired, anxious and in a foreign country. She said she would get someone to contact us to rearrange delivery when we were back, which they did, free of charge. So a big thank you from myself and my husband (who is fit and healthy again!) to Ocado, for going out of your way to help us and make one little issue, which could have added more stress to the situation, stress-free.

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