Smart Pass Perks – what, when, how?

Hi folks,

On Tuesday (5th November) we blogged about a prize draw for Smart Pass members to win a week’s shopping. This Smart Pass Perk had actually already finished, we were just letting everyone know who had won. Sorry if this caused any confusion.

To clear things up, we’d like to walk you through Smart Pass Perks in general.

The prize draws we blogged about on Tuesday are just the tip of the iceberg. Smart Pass members also get access to exclusive sales, special offers, competitions and much more. To get involved, simply keep an eye on your email: we’ll send you all the info you need.

So what’s the next Smart Pass Perk, and when is it? Well, it’s a closely guarded secret, but it’s a real page-turner… We’ll email Smart Pass members about it soon.

To make sure you get the Perks email, simply tick the boxes on the Marketing communications page when you’re logged in.

Thanks – and apologies again for any confusion with the last blog.

James Toner, Assistant Customer Relationship Manager

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4 thoughts on “Smart Pass Perks – what, when, how?

  1. I have that box already ticked. My point, and I believe I’m not alone in this, is that I’ve never recieved any email with smartpass perks ever, despite that box being ticked.

    • Likewise here, Philippa – Did you get your christmas delivery slot email too? Because my account was missed from that too – I had to call and chase.

      I’m really worried something is wrong with my account and that’s why i’m not getting these things 😦 I get order emails, receipts, tesco price check emails, etc – so I get all that stuff, but nothing marketing based.

  2. I delayed my shop because I was waiting for this! I’ve run out of milk and had to order pizza for dinner!! 😦

    Hope you do a similar offer soon! (:

  3. Do we need to have both boxes ticked, or just the first one for communications from Ocado (I don’t normally opt in for third-party emails)

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