On the sofa with… The Collective Dairy

We caught up with the UK half of international gourmet yoghurt team, The Collective Dairy, to discuss cocktails, great flavour and entrepreneurship. There’s also a free yoghurt voucher below for your next shop – first 900 customers only. Dig in.

Image of The Collective Dairy van

Ocado: First things first: if you could only eat one yoghurt from the range for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Amelia: That’s like saying ‘which is your favourite child?’; I could never answer! Without sounding too cheesy, I love them all equally, although right this second I’m addicted to our new Raspberry + Amaretto Limited Edition.

Mike: Got to be Passion Fruit: love the tang, love the aromas, love the seeds. It’s great on muesli for brekkie.

O: You were founded by a team in New Zealand and you guys in the UK. How did the two teams meet?

A: Sometimes these things are all about lucky timing. Ofer and Angus had just launched in New Zealand, got a great reaction, and thought us Brits would love it too. At the same time, Mike and I were looking to start our own business.

A friend introduced us, we tried the yogurt, fell in love with it, and six months later it was on Ocado!

O: How do you make things run smoothly with partners either side of the planet?

A: We use Skype a lot – we’re in our pyjamas and they’re in their beach shorts, or one us is drinking coffee whilst the other is pouring wine…

M: …and even better, our designer is in New Zealand, so we ask for work by close-of-play UK time and it’s done when we wake up for breakfast.

O: So, no pressure guys, but why choose Ocado to launch your yoghurts?

A: I’ve been an Ocado customer since you launched; you’re well known for launching exciting new brands. We’ve had an amazing response from Ocado customers, many of whom leave us lovely comments in the Ratings and Reviews section.

M: Ocado customers just seem to care more about quality and new products and ideas.

O: We love the Amaretto flavour in your latest limited edition. We’re curious; have you ever tried to use one of your yoghurts in a cocktail?

A: Funnily enough we’re just making up some cocktails at the moment. We’re creating a much stronger version of our Raspberry + Amaretto with a lot more booze in! Once we crack it we’ll post the recipe in the Recipe section of the website.

M: I think we may end up with more cocktails in our yoghurt, but the yoghurt will always come first.

Image of Rapberry + Amaretto yoghurt O: OK, we’ll finish on what’s clearly the most important question… If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?

A: I’m absolutely addicted to Homeland, so it would have to be to sit in on a real life CIA meeting.

M: You don’t want to know…

O: No further questions! Thanks for your time guys

UPDATE! All 900 yoghurts have now been redeemed. Sorry folks.

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8 thoughts on “On the sofa with… The Collective Dairy

  1. Tried to use this, but got a reply saying I’d already used the voucher – which I haven’t!
    Another Ocado offer that’s not worth anything? (Personalised Diet Coke debacle was the last one).

    • Hi Jane, sorry about that! We’ve fixed the code now so it should be working OK. Let us know if you have any more issues.

      • Only got the email with code last night from Ocado.
        Tried to use voucher this morning and it says it has expired. Can’t believe it! Very disappointed

      • Hi Ralph, we’re really sorry you’re disappointed. The voucher was incredibly popular, but keep an eye on our newsletter and Facebook page for more great offers. Sorry again.

      • Sold out!
        Shame, as I was the person who pointed out Ocado’s code not working, and I miss out because I have to work and can’t sit in front of my computer all day to snap up the offer.

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