Julia’s Swedish Crayfish Party

Scandi fans and seafood lovers – you should really get on board with my favourite foodie tradition.

Crayfish picture

Growing up in Sweden, a highlight of summer was the traditional crayfish party called kräftskiva. These are held in Nordic countries every year, from early August to mid September.

The parties started in celebration of the crayfish harvest which, for much of the 20th Century, was limited by law to late summer. Eating and drinking is, naturally, the main focus of the parties – as you can tell from the snaps of this year’s fun.


Aside from the ugly red critters (usually served simply boiled and dressed with dill – delicious) there’s a strong Västerbotten cheesecrisp bread, herring, potatoes and salmon. And to drink we have snaps, which is a spicy vodka you drink in shots. Every time you drink you sing special snaps songs – these are taken very seriously!


It is customary to wear bibs (very important as the meal and the drinking progresses!) and funny paper hats. We also hang special paper lanterns called Man in the Moon.


Basically, it’s a wonderful excuse to get together and share lots of fantastic produce. If you feel inspired to host one yourself, you’ll find Västerbotten cheese, herring and a big selection of salmon in our Swedish Shop.

Hope I’ve converted you – have fun!

Julia, Creative

Thanks to London Swedes for the snaps

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