Say hola to our new Spanish Bundle Deal (and Roberto)

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To celebrate our new Spanish Bundle Deal – 3 Brindisa tapas and a bottle of Campo Viejo Reserva for just £15 – we caught up with winemaker, Roberto Vicente, to talk wine and food.

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Hola Roberto, so tell us what makes a Campo Viejo vineyards so special?

Hola!  Our vineyards are special because we grow grapes all over the Rioja region. Rioja, despite being a tiny small region, has a great diversity of microclimates and soils, which adds complexity and personality to the wines.

What is the history of Campo Viejo?

The name of Campo Viejo is rooted in history. Campo Viejo is a vineyard area with a name that hinted at Latin roots – Campus Veteranus – one of the many traces from the Roman Empire. According to tradition, the name ‘Campus Veteranus’ was given to those lands granted to veteran legionaries as a reward for their services.

What’s your favourite Spanish destination?

One of my favourite places in Spain is San Sebastian, with the old city full of tiny little stores, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy some of the best food in the world. After a long day of really good shopping and amazing tapas, you can relax at the La Concha Beach and go for a nice walk by the sea… then you realize that life is beautiful.

Who would you most like to share a bottle of Campo Viejo with?

What I really like is just having friends at home, grab a bottle of wine, some slices of cheese, jamón ibérico or chorizo and talk about life. My most special occasion, was when my little baby girl was born… A few bottles of Campo Viejo Reserva 2007 were opened that day 😉

What are your favourite tapas to have with wine?

Habas Picantes, spicy broad beans: the spicy flavours of this traditional Spanish snack will be perfectly complimented by the sweet spicy note in the wine.

Cooking Chorizo: Two of Spain’s greatest exports, Rioja wine and chorizo make the perfect marriage; the smokey and spicy flavours from the chorizo are wonderfully enhanced by the rich, dark fruit and sweet spice of the Reserva.

Picos Blue: This cheese needs a rich, powerful wine to work with the rich and salty flavours, Reserva’s full fruity flavours and sweet vanilla spice strike the perfect balance.

Muchos Gracias, Roberto.

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