Above and beyond

Our drivers are a pretty impressive bunch, regularly battling bad weather and horrible traffic to get the job done. But I wanted to write a quick post about one in particular, whom I think deserves a special thank you.

This week I received an email from Lillie, one of our customers, about CSTM John Geary.  Here’s her story,

‘He arrived at my house shortly I had arrived home to discover that I had been burgled. On seeing how shaken I was, he insisted on coming in and helping to check the house to ensure the intruder was no longer there. He then kindly distracted my two young children (aged 2 and 5) who were shocked and scared, whilst I was speaking to the police. And then he insisted on waiting with me until my husband was almost home.’

John’s response is simply that he ‘was just doing what anyone else would do’, but I’d say he went above and beyond, and he’s definitely an Ocado Hero. Whilst we train all our team to take care of themselves and not put themselves at risk in any way, he did something many of us would have the urge to do but are usually too pushed for time, too selfish or just too plain scared.

So a big thanks to John, and thanks too to Lillie for writing in to let us know.

John Geary - Weybridge

Got any Ocado Hero stories of your own? Please leave them in the comments below; I’d love to read them!

Jason Gissing

Ocado Co-Founder

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