Expert advice for Father’s Day

rs ks bulldogWant to pamper Dad on Father’s Day, this Sunday 17th June, but not sure what to give him? We asked a group of Ocado men to solve your dilemma by trying out our grooming products.

So armed with gels, scrubs and oils, our guys got stuck into some serious man-pampering.

Tester: Drew Norton, Marketing
Range: The Real Shaving Co.

“If I had to describe this range in one sentence it would be: ‘a bottled barbershop experience’. The packaging looks great in my bathroom – it’s traditional with a modern twist – and even just a small squeeze of the clear shave gel did the job.

I fell for the facial scrub’s delicious cocoa butter smell instantly and the consistency felt like it was really softening my stubble. But the best buy for me has to be the soothing balm. It gives a superb finish to an effortless shave, and I have quite sensitive skin, which it definitely helped.”

Tester: Richard Locke, Non-food
Range: King of Shaves

“Surprisingly, I’ve gone from a shaving oil sceptic to using it before every special occasion – dates, visiting Mum, the Euros, the Ashes, you name it! OK it takes longer so it’s a luxury, but after the oil softens up your face you don’t feel half as much tugging from the razor. Winner.

Follow a slick of oil with a shaving gel – possibly the manliest toiletry there is – and you know you’ve found a winning combo. SUPERGEL. KING. The words practically leap off the bottle and punch you in the face! And to top it off they’re written in black and red – the colours of danger. Even if this ultra-thick gel were less fantastic I’d buy it, just to look impressive in my bathroom cabinet.”

Tester: Tom Buchan, Trading
Range: Bulldog

“Coming to the end of a long weekend and sporting a rather poor excuse for a beard, I know it’s going to take a lot to leave me looking fresh. So to leave my weekend behind and get ready for the working week I turn to the Bulldog range.

Straight away I feel the facial scrub swathing my face in refreshment, effortlessly easing the dirt from my skin as it unblocks pores. And the shaving gel… well I didn’t even know I was shaving! Much like Britain’s Coxless Four triumphing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics or Stephen Harmison bowling for victory during the 2005 Ashes (just some references for all my fellow sports addicts out there!), the moisturiser provided a perfect ending to the weekend.”

Well thanks grooming gurus, expert advice if ever I heard it! It’s certainly solved my dilemma over Dad’s present this Father’s Day and I hope you’re feeling inspired too. We’ve got 3 for 2 on selected men’s grooming until 17th June, so take a look.

Naomi Bullivant
Marketing Executive

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