A tasty solution for Father’s Day

fathersDaySteakSo what do you get the man who has everything on Father’s Day? Dads are notoriously hard to shop for, none more so than mine, so this year I’m cooking up something deliciously different: his favourite steak dinner.

Now if like me, you’re no master chef, the thought of conquering the holy grail of cooking might leave you feeling a tad daunted. Don’t be! We’ve got a great range of steaks and sauces, plus your secret weapon: top tips from the beef experts at Eblex, (the smart people behind the English beef and lamb industry).

Their handy guide to cooking the perfect steak covers everything from fridge to pan to plate. So get set to impress in seven simple steps and make sure you’ve chosen a tasty sauce to serve up too.

How to master the perfect steak – medium-cooked:

  1. Remove steak from the fridge about 10 minutes before cooking.
  2. Brush the steak with a little oil on both sides to prevent sticking.
  3. After oiling, sprinkle both sides with ground sea salt to bring out the steak’s flavour and keep it juicy, then season with black pepper to add extra crunch.
  4. Ensure the pan/griddle/grill is very hot before starting to cook.
  5. Cook the first side for 4 minutes without touching the meat, then turn it over using tongs/spatula and cook the other side for equal time.
  6. Gently press the steak’s surface using the back of your tongs or spatula to check if it is cooked – a medium steak should feel slightly soft when pressed.
  7. After cooking, rest your steak on a warm plate for a few minutes before serving to allow the juices to distribute evenly.

Of course, achieving the perfect steak depends on how you like it. So here’s some recommended cooking times. Bear in mind that these will vary depending on the size, thickness and amount of steak.

  • Medium-rare, 3mins each side
  • Medium, 4 mins each side
  • Medium-well done, 5 mins each side
  • Well done, 6 mins each side

It’s easy really, but why not treat yourself to a trial run before the big day. You can choose the perfect combination of ingredients from our delicious range of steaks and sauces here.

I’ll be having a go myself, so hope it makes you flavour of the month with your Dad too!

Rebecca Tott
Marketing Executive

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