Bikini friendly shopping list

ZEST_MAY_2012I know, I know, it’s still raining out there, but summer isn’t far off, and with it comes beaches and paddling pools and sunbathing in the garden… I can’t wait!

If you’re like me though, a long winter of stews and roasts (not to mention dollops of mashed potato) has left you less then ready to whip out the old itzy-bitzy polka dot number and go rushing into the sunshine.

But fear not. Whether you’re a bare-all bikini babe or a fan of the structured swimsuit, it doesn’t take much to beat the bloat and boost your beach body confidence.

Zest magazine has put together a simple three-day diet, adapted from The Diet Bible by their nutritionist Judith Wills. It’s designed to cleanse the system, helping your tummy function healthily and look flat. So here goes:

Day one Day two Day three
Breakfast Dandelion tea, live yoghurt and an apple. Hot water with fresh lemon, and live yoghurt with blueberries. Freshly squeezed fruit juice – or a fruit smoothie – with sunflower seeds.
Snack A handful of pumpkin seeds. A handful of walnuts. A handful of almonds.
Lunch Rye bread with vegetable soup, made with carrot, parsley, leek, tomato, onion, garlic and low-salt vegetable stock. Add in your favourite herbs. Fresh fruit salad sprinkled with sunflower seeds and a tahini dressing, with a few wholemeal or rye crackers. A small tuna steak, grilled, served with a tomato, cucumber and herb salad.
Snack An orange, sunflower seeds and aloe vera juice. An apple and a cup of dandelion and burdock tea. An apple and a cup of green tea.
Dinner A small salmon fillet grilled with your favourite herbs or seasoning, with a red pepper, cucumber and herb salad dressed with olive oil. A chicken fillet grilled with your favourite herbs or seasoning, and vegetable soup as the day before. A large mixed leaf salad dressed with live yoghurt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

One tip to remember is to drink as much water as you like between meals; it will help to control any hunger pangs.

You can pick up everything you need in our shopping list here.

I’ll be trying it myself, so hope you find it helpful.

Naomi Bullivant
Marketing Executive


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