My first marathon

Keep on running

120402_blogFor this week’s blog, I’ve been testing out different types of sports nutrition to see how they help with my performance before, and recovery after, training. (If you missed last week’s blog, I’m running my first marathon on Sunday to raise funds for Macmillan, and am testing out different products along the way.)

I did my last 21-mile run a few Sundays ago, and in my rush to get out early didn’t have time for breakfast. Instead, I tried the Gatorade G Series Pro Prime 01 drink, mixed berry flavour. This is part of a series of drinks they’ve created for before, during and after a workout.

I’m not really a fan of sweet drinks, but this got me moving. Great if you’re in a hurry, but ideally I’d have breakfast too (you could try the Sci-MX Ultimate Breakfast Shake as an alternative).

During the run I drank the Perform 02 drink in the orange flavour, but I only made it half strength so I wouldn’t have to carry water too. It tasted good and certainly kept me fuelled.

Immediately after the run I drank the Recover 03, mixed berry flavour. It’s important to refuel quickly as it helps your body repair itself, and this was very easy to digest after so much exercise. Again, I did find it quite sweet, and I only needed 200ml rather than the full 500ml.

On top of these drinks, I’ve been eating half a Sci-MX protein bar 25 minutes after each run. These are actually really tasty and enjoyable, which is a pleasant surprise as I’d worried they’d be chalky. Recommended!

Finally, I’ve been taking Vitabiotics supplements for joints. Difficult to say whether it’s because of them, but so far no injuries or joint pains…

In conclusion, I’ve found that the right sports nutrition can certainly give you a boost and help your body to stay in peak condition. And it can even taste good whilst doing so. Bonus.

Anne Marie
Head of Business Support Systems

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