Amelia and Dan’s trek to the North Pole

PolarTrekNovember 2011

I just want to say a big ‘thanks’ to Amelia Russell and Dan Darley for coming in to talk to us about their trek to the geographic North Pole. (i.e. 90˚ North, on the Earth’s axis. Not to be confused with the magnetic North Pole which is, confusingly, further south and closer to the trip’s Canadian starting point.)

As we were a sponsor, they came in on Friday to share their thoughts, stories and photographs from last year’s trip.

It was incredibly inspiring. Over the course of two arduous months, they made their way – unassisted – to the very top of the world. Together they faced all the challenges the landscape could throw at them, including massive ridges, thin ice and even open water.

When you also take into account the extreme cold and the hundreds of kilos of kit they dragged behind them, their achievement seems quite incredible.

They learned some valuable lessons along the way, and I’m grateful for everything they could tell us about teamwork and staying motivated under pressure. It certainly puts the day-to-day into perspective.

Amelia and Dan made the trek to highlight the effects of climate change (due to melting ice, the journey may not be possible in just a few years), and to raise money for Help for Heroes. You can still donate here –

We’ve got some pictures of the trip on our Facebook page. Have a look here –

Thanks again, from everyone at Ocado.

Jason Gissing
Ocado Co-Founder

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