Sunday best

For many people, Sunday is a day of rest. But not for us. After a lot of planning and effort behind the scenes, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve become the first online supermarket to offer a full Sunday service.

Subject to slot availability and delivery location, of course (sorry, had to get the fussy bit out of the way), we now deliver from 6am until 11.30pm on a Sunday, just like any other day.

We know from customer surveys and emails that extending our Sunday delivery times has been long been top of many customers’ wishlists, so it’s very exciting to be able to offer a full Sunday service at last!

Enjoy the extra freedom – we hope it helps to make your weekend feel that little bit longer!

Matt Knight,
Head of Marketing, Insight and Communication

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28 thoughts on “Sunday best

  1. 6.00 am deliveries on a Sunday are inconsiderate when the van has to park outside your neighbours house and starts unloading boxes. The one day most people get to have a lie in !! Thanks Okado.

    • We’re sorry for any disturbance that may have happened Paul. We’ll always try to be as quiet as possible when delivering early or late as we’d hate to wake anyone up! We do offer those delivery slots as they are requested by our customers but we’ll certainly pass the feedback on for you. If this has happened more than once, please do let us know via email (, over the phone (03456561234), via Social Media or via Live Chat on our website. We’ll then take a closer look into this for you.

  2. Absolutely sick of Ocado and Sainsbury’s early deliveries on Sunday. Reverse beeping and slamming of doors and boxes wake me up on my only day to lie in. Disgraceful, antisocial policy.

    • Hi Corina, we’re so sorry to hear this. We’d like to get this reported to our Delivery Management team. Please can you contact us either through or 0345 656 1234 with more information including the date this occurred, a rough time and the road this was on so we can identify the driver?

  3. Yes Sunday is a day of rest so why don’t you leave it that way until at least 8am! I live on a quiet residential street in Chiswick west London and was woken up at 6:15 this morning by the loud crashing noises from inside your van as the driver prepared then as he carried out delivery relaying back and forth from the van to the customer’s door. I’m not really sure if he could of been quieter to be honest – I think it may be a case you need to review when you start Sunday slots.

    I understand customer requirements for Sunday service but deliveries before 8am or at least 7am should not be allowed. I’ll be raising this matter with my local authority.

    • We are sorry that we caused some disturbance on a Sunday morning, I appreciate that this is very early and not something you want to be woken up by. We will locate the driver and pass on this feedback to the Warehouse Management team, as our driver’s need to appreciate the neighbours, especially at that time of the day. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us on 03456561234 or by emailing

  4. We have just been woken up by a delivery at 6.45 a.m. to our neighbour’s house. This is a relatively civilised time compared to your “early” slots at 6 a.m. However, I think it is disingenuous to blame customers for “requesting” the times -would you deliver at 2 a.m. if they asked for it? It is also ridiculous to blame your drivers or expect them to be quiet. When they are unloading, how can they avoid moving around in the van, slamming doors etc? I note that Waitrose and Asda don’t offer delivery slots before 7 a.m. and, frankly, neither should you.

    • Hi Nigel, we’re sorry to hear that you were woken up by one of our delivery drivers, we do deliver between 05:30-23:30 but we expect our drivers to be respectful and considerate when delivering early in the morning or late at night. Please can you contact us on 0345 656 1234 or at with the date and time this occurred, as well as your postcode so we can identify the driver and van that was delivering?

      • I’m not sure you have read my comment properly. The driver was in no way responsible -they cannot avoid making noise. It is the principal of delivering at these anti-social hours that I disagree with. Your competitors seem to have more respect for the community than Ocado, despite the obvious attractions of making more money by fitting extra delivery slots into a 24 hour day

      • Apologies Nigel, we’ll gladly feed this back to our Delivery team but there aren’t any plans currently to reduce or limit our delivery slots.

  5. At just after 6am this morning an Ocado delivery van woke the whole house. It drove up 2 neighbours’ drives, so will no doubt have woken most of the cul de sac. None of the neighbours were responsible because the van then drove off. Agree with earlier comments – 6am is anti-social.

    • Hi Simon, we’re sorry to hear of the disruption caused, even when your neighbours were not expecting any deliveries, we can certainly appreciate any frustration caused. We’ll of course pass your comments on to the relevant teams for review, thank you for taking the time to flag this. – Anna

  6. Sunday night 23:15 & I’m trying to get sleep in preparation for the start of the week and I’m woken by your fucking delivery truck outside my window with its engine running and crates banging and crashing delivering sodding shopping to one of my neighbours who is inconsiderate enough to use this stupid service! Do excuse me if I’m not as ecstatic about this new service as you are.

    • Hi there. We are sorry to hear you have been disturbed by one of our drivers and we do apologise for the inconveniences caused. As we offer both late and early delivery slots to cater for everyone’s needs and preferences. However, we would expect our Driver to take into consideration their surroundings when delivering at these times. So we can locate this driver and ensure this is fed back to the local depot, can you provide further details, such as a location? You can either email this to us:, phone: 0345 656 1234 or visit our Live Chat Team that can be found on the website. -Kelly

    • Thank you, as my colleague mentioned we offer both late and early delivery slots to cater for everyone’s needs and preferences. However, we would expect our Driver to take into consideration their surroundings when delivering at these times. Thank you for sending the location but so that we can locate this driver, could you also advise of a date and time? We can then ensure this is fed back to the local depot. You can either email this to us along with your previous location information:, phone: 0345 656 1234 or visit our LiveChat Team that can be found on the website. – Christian.

      • Our apologies for this. Please be assured we have located the driver in question and ensure this is investigated with the depot management team. -Kelly

  7. Got woken up at 6:30am this morning due to an Ocado delivery to a house opposite. The driver was being as quite as possible but still woke me up since it’s simply not possible to delivery a weeks worth of shopping in big heavy plastic boxes without noise.

    So whenever Ocado do an early morning delivery they do it in the knowledge that it is very likely to disturb other people. Ocado simply don’t care enough. If they did then they wouldn’t offer early morning slots.

    • We’re sorry you feel this way Brian and that you were woken up so early. We appreciate how frustrating this must be. We do ask our driver’s to be as mindful as possible when delivering at this time. Please rest assured, your feedback will be passed on. -Megan

  8. Ocado keep “apologisng” and saying how their drivers are quiet, but every week I’m woken up by them, banging crates at around 6am. I asked one of them to keep the noise down a month or so ago and was told in no uncertain terms that he was “doing his job” and would continue making a racket.

    • We’re sorry to hear this, Martin, and can appreciate any frustration caused. We deliver at any time between 5:30am and 11:30pm, and of course our driver’s do have a physical job to do which often involves heavy lifting. However, all drivers are trained to be considerate, especially when delivering early in the morning or late at night. We will certainly take your comments on board, and our apologies again for the disruptions. -Anna

  9. Regularly woken at 6.15am by Ocado. Weekends and week days. They never do anything about it. I’ve called and they’ve told the driver but what can the driver do? Today the driver said ‘whatever’ when I told him he’d woken me up. He never parks next to the neighbours house. Always on the corner – by me. Sick to death of it but no point phoning or complaining because Ocado doesn’t do anything to change it. The comments above from Ocado show how little they care. Antisocial. Petition online anyone? Write to MP?

    • It’s probably because deliveries are often free in the early morning.
      If they had a higher charge it might change the frequency of early more deliveries.

    • We’re sorry to hear this, our driver’s know they must try and be as quiet as they can, we can assure you all feedbacks’s are reported to the relevant teams. -Ruby

  10. Woken at 6 am on a Sunday by ocado delivering to my neighbour. Not impressed….engine idling, bashing of crates whilst unloading and re organising the van and parked under my bedroom window not theirs.
    Hugely unimpressed.

    • We do apologise, Julie. We appreciate how frustrating this must be. We will ensure your comments are taken on board to see what we can do about this is in the future.

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