The science of creative thinking


I’ve been asked to write a few words about our shortlisted entry for the London Long Copy Challenge 2010, an annual competition run by CBS Outdoor to promote billboard ads with, err, more words on them…

We didn’t win, but we got scarily close – making the final shortlist of six (from 494 entries) with an entry containing hardly any words at all! We were up against some of the biggest and best-known acronyms in the London advertising agency world (M&C Saatchi; BBH; TBWA London, etc), so it was a great achievement to have made the final cut.

The brief was to create a billboard poster for the London Underground that got its message across in over 50 words. After a couple of short, sharp brainstorms, the team – Lindsey, Sophie, Kristian and me – fixed on the idea of taking our groceries from the kitchen table to the periodic table.

Sue Keogh, a fellow entrant, kindly noted on her Sookio blog that our entry was “brilliant; witty, original and clever”, while fellow shortlisters Handstand Creative said that “it’s the kind of advert that makes you wish you’d thought of it. A fantastic and clever entry.”

In the end, the spoils went to Iris for their excellent Adidas/Team GB ad, but the judges said our entry was “bloody brilliant” and “a whisker away from winning”. They also mentioned that the platform manager in Oxford Circus said our entry was “by far the most popular” with people stopping – and even missing their tube – to read it!

So, while we shrink our heads back down to size, feel free to take a look at our entry – Groceries for every table – in all its glory.

Michael, Senior Copywriter.

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