Bigger and better

October 2010

And so we take our next few steps forward, and they’re big ones! Last week, we announced the signing of a major deal to build a brand new customer fulfilment warehouse in the Midlands – just like our ‘mega-shed’ here in Hatfield.

When’s it ready – at the end of 2012 – the new Customer Fulfilment Centre will expand our delivery reach in the Midlands and North significantly, as well as freeing up capacity in Hatfield so that we can deliver quality groceries even further south. In more precise terms, we’ll be able to send our vans into more of the South West, East, South Wales and East Anglia; over time, we’ll even be able to push into areas like Tyneside and Durham.

Based in Dordon, North Warwickshire (near Tamworth), our new super ‘shed’ will be filled with the kind of technological innovation and sensible green thinking that has made our current base so successful – it’ll run nine miles of conveyorbelts, provide around 2,000 new jobs (not bad in the current climate) and at capacity, will handle approximately 180,000 orders per week. We will more than double, potentially, our capacity.

We always said that our summer flotation was about growth and expansion. Having chatted to people within the business over the past few days, there’s a real sense of excitement about where Ocado is going next. It’s going places. And we look forward to delivering more top-notch Ocado service in the weeks, months and years ahead.


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