BBC Wildlife Fund

It’s well-documented that I get very passionate about green initiatives. Given that my wife worked as a conservationist and is related to Arne Naess, the founder of Deep Ecology, I guess that’s not so surprising.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce that we’ll be alternating donate buttons for the BBC Wildlife Fund and the Woodland Trust on our checkout page for the next few months. From now on, supporting their work will be as easy as clicking on a link.

I’ve written before about the Woodland Trust’s good work, and the success stories for the BBC Wildlife Fund are just as inspiring: protecting Ethiopian wolves from rabies, creating a vital corridor between reserves for Namibian elephants, and restoring the habitat of the Adonis Blue butterfly in Sussex. Not bad for an organisation which was only founded by the Natural History Unit in 2007!

Both are incredible charities with the capacity to make a huge difference; I hope you agree. To find out more about the BBC Wildlife Fund, just follow this link >

Ocado Co-Founder

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